Garris Elkins

Garris Elkins is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He and his wife, Jan, serve the global Church through writing, speaking, and mentoring. They live in southern Oregon, tucked away in the foothills of the Rogue Valley. Their shared desire is to have each person learn how to hear the heart of God and become a transforming voice in their culture.

Un-Numbing the Church

Great suffering is coming, and it can only be interrupted by a Church that is aware and sensitive to what is taking place.

Employing New Language

The definition of “Hate Speech” has been used as an overarching condemnation of anyone who offers a contradiction to an approved social narrative.

Taste and See

The Lord will surround us overcoming our helplessness to reveal unimagined outcomes.

This is How God Fights Our Battles

The result of His intervention will cause unexpected victories that we could not imagine in the weakened state of our faith.

No Assumptions

The Spirit must discern all things before we accept them as the truth.

Preparing Our Hearts for Prayer

Choosing to forgive opens the doors of Heaven to pour blessings onto our lives.

Changing God

This lessening of God is the gateway to the doctrines of demons.

The Interrupting Presence of Jesus

Only a faith that demonstrates the presence of Jesus Christ can overcome the presence of evil.

When Evil Leaders Rule

Our choice to align with God will increasingly isolate us.

Rumor Doesn’t Have It

Our choice to monitor what we hear and say will define us as a trustworthy person.

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