Garris Elkins

Garris Elkins is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He and his wife, Jan, serve the global Church through writing, speaking, and mentoring. They live in southern Oregon, tucked away in the foothills of the Rogue Valley. Their shared desire is to have each person learn how to hear the heart of God and become a transforming voice in their culture.

Showroom Decisions

All of our choices in life have and an associated cost.

Juggling Narratives

The Spirit loves to visit and release a supernatural influence to those who are honest about their true identity in Christ.

Follow the Money and Beyond

As I look out over society, and the Church, in particular, I don’t see a great deal of discernment.

Hobbled with Hope

I am taking a special interest in the plight of the crippled doe.

Prophetic Stage Stops

Revelation does not allow us to park at the memories of the past, even if those memories have value in reflection.

The Gritty Side of Fatih

Love requires that we reach out and take hold of those in jeopardy, even the ones who mocked and shamed our interpretation of reality.

Reignighting the Fires of Revival

Just like wind blowing in the natural can fan an ember into a flame, so it is with the wind of God’s Spirit.

Joy Up, Church

The Lord is calling His people to express higher levels of joy that will disempower the plans of the enemy. 

Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters

The Lord instructed His disciples to not let their hearts be troubled when fearful events begin to transpire.

It’s Time to Plan Your Escape

Some of you are being held in relationships from which the Lord wants you to escape.

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