ONE VOICE PODCAST: A Word of Encouragement Over Anxiety

Learn how peace is a weapon that we use against the enemy. In this podcast, we are going to talk about the four principles to build your life: faith, prayer, God’s Word, Fruit of the Spirit. The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, PEACE, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control. 

Worship—A Thin Place

The pilgrimage had less to do with my planning than it did with God’s individual plan for each person who registered and signed up to go.

Thankful By Faith

In the midst of a pandemic, our family had the greatest of adventures.

Tough Times

Tough times offer us an opportunity for our faith and compassion to be seen in their rawest and most beautiful expression.

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Marketing Jesus – with Robert Wachter

As the former chief marketing officer for a company that saw $6 billion in annual sales, and the founder and lead pastor of Imagine Church, Robert Wachter uses his experience across two different dimensions to help others reach their full potential and make Jesus irresistible to people everywhere. Join us to hear from Pastor Robert today!

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Redefined with Lori Beth McDonald

Defined by guilt and shame, Lori Beth McDonald spent a lifetime working to find her worth.  Raised in an alcoholic home, broken by sexual abuse, and robbed by a rape that left her unable to have children, she was driven by her pain. Lori’s 40-year battle against terminal illness led to a pivotal moment of decision that altered her value, her identity, and her heart. Once defined by pain, Lori Beth is now redefined – by Love. 

Trust Amid Transition

Transitions can feel out of control because they can be intense as we step into the unknown.

Never Alone

God had shown me, through the mysterious stranger, that my adventure with Him had only just begun.

Moving Forward to New Dreams

I am using all of the beautifully tragic circumstances as strength and a platform to move forward and build new dreams.

When Insecurities Roar

Observing my daughter from a distance, a familiar chord struck me inside. My daughter was me.