THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Beautifully Broken with Eric Welch

On today’s podcast, I chat with my friend, Eric Welch, director of the new movie, Beautifully Broken. Eric and I talk about some personal stories of brokenness, the beauty of standing in the midst of trials, and of course … the movie.

ALONG THE WAY: The Road Isn’t Over! – with Jon Shaffer

Jon Shaffer thought the only way he would survive to be 21 was if he was safely in a jail cell. After that self-fulfilling prophecy, Jesus changed his life, gave him a purpose, and called him back to impact his old “Hood” for the Kingdom.

ALONG THE WAY: Jerusalem Rising – Part 2 with Doug Hershey

Doug Hershey returns to discuss the story behind “Jerusalem Rising”. His second book in the Ancient Prophecy Modern Lens series chronicles the fascinating stories behind the “Then and Now” style pictures that reveal prophecy being fulfilled in front of your eyes.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Miraculous Stories – with Chris and Jan Igwe

Chris Igwe’s family calls him the “Umbrella of Hope” because, since a child, he’s had a keen awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God in his life. Chris tells his story of persecution and suffering but also shares the miraculous stories that God performed in his life and that saved his life.  

Abiding in Christ

Bearing fruit is essential to Christian discipleship. A life well-lived is a more effective witness than words well said.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: The Purpose Of The Hidden Season with Meredith Andrews

Today we talk about the beauty in the hidden seasons. We’ve both been there. You may not think someone with such a public ministry would feel hidden. I’m so glad she shares what she is learning. One thing is … even though it doesn’t seem productive or fruitful, God has a purpose for the wilderness.

ALONG THE WAY: Dignity Revolution – with Bob Lenz

Since 1983, Bob Lenz has combined his love of Live Concerts, Community Outreach, and the Love of Jesus for some of the biggest Christian music events in the nation. His passion to see a dignity revolution change our youth has opened doors to amazing opportunities to promote value, courage, and respect.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Finding Faith in Unexpected Ways – with Jason Davis

Jason Davis is an entertainment industry executive with a broad range of titles including award-winning songwriter, award-winning author, independent record label president, executive TV producer, entertainment consultant, former Senior VP of A&R for Dolly Parton’s management company, and a serial entrepreneur.


You may have noticed at the end of each episode, I end with, love well, you were made for it. So I thought I’d close out this four-part series with some of my tips for loving well. Because this is my favorite subject …. LOVE!

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Keys To Reconcile Well

In this podcast episode, I share personal stories of frustration, failure, and success. I also give very specific tips on how to reconcile any situation well. And how to deal with the aftermath of things not going as you hoped.

ALONG THE WAY: Quarantine Check Up – with Doug Smith

Host & Fellow Traveler, John Matarazzo, “checks up” on his friends from the past year to see how they are doing during the Worldwide quarantine and what God is speaking during this time, and where they see hope for tomorrow!