Perfection Not Required

What God looks for is someone who is willing, someone who leans on His strength, and does things His way.

The Boy with No Name

“Out of control”, “monster”, “destructive” were stuck to him every day… but none of them was his name.

The Person of Our Salvation

For the last 2,000 years, the uncompromising truth of Jesus as the only way to God has caused men and women to lay down their lives to bring others to Christ.

Triune Evangelism

What should we be telling someone when God is moving upon them to move them to salvation?

In the Belly of the Whale

When God’s love truly dwells within, we will find it easier to extend grace to those
who don’t think like us, worship like us, pray like us, or vote like us — even within the Church.

A Rapture Study: One Taken, One Left

Here I’ll continue to take a look at the differences between the rapture and the second coming,
this time by heading to Matthew 24:40-41, a section that is often attributed to being the rapture of the church.

The Day the World Broke

There was a moment when the world passed from the idyllic and perfect, to the ironic and tragic.

Our Sweet Lord Jesus

Kingdom rule is with the open heart. This is why you must love your enemies. It is also why you must stay close.

Living In Between

The second coming is the one we have yet to experience.
We anticipate the time when Our Lord will come in all His glory to set everything right.

The Early and Latter Rains

We live between the early and latter rains in this Advent season of the world,
waiting for the fulfillment of what was begun at Christmas.

Tips for Leading Someone to Christ

When the opportunity arises to lead someone to Christ, the first thing that happens for most of us is that we immediately get nervous and feel uneasy.