The Day the World Broke

There was a moment when the world passed from the idyllic and perfect, to the ironic and tragic.

Our Sweet Lord Jesus

Kingdom rule is with the open heart. This is why you must love your enemies. It is also why you must stay close.

Living In Between

The second coming is the one we have yet to experience.
We anticipate the time when Our Lord will come in all His glory to set everything right.

The Early and Latter Rains

We live between the early and latter rains in this Advent season of the world,
waiting for the fulfillment of what was begun at Christmas.

Tips for Leading Someone to Christ

When the opportunity arises to lead someone to Christ, the first thing that happens for most of us is that we immediately get nervous and feel uneasy. 

Gospel Scriptures You Should Know

When scripture speaks into the life of a person, it cuts in like a surgeon’s scalpel, in order to bring healing and life to the person in need.

The Scriptures Command

Your attitude toward the things written in the Word says something about what Jesus is to you.

How to Share Your Testimony

We are called to be witnesses. In legal terminology, when a “witness” is called in court, he shares his “testimony.”

Where Do You Stand?

Where are you standing today? On whose side? With God or with the world? Have you made your choice?

The Lord Whispered, Truth Matters

I have found when He speaks things like TruthMatters…it is because He is about to expand my thinking, work on my heart, and pour out revelation. 

The Sleeping Giant

This morning as I was praying, I felt like God showed me something…I had a mental image of a huge sleeping giant.