Guiding Light

The Light of the World has come to give us new life and He sends the Holy Spirit as our guiding light.

Spiritual Suicide

Deception started in the Garden and is still at work today. The one who was cunning then still leads mankind astray.


A life of choice to follow our Savior.

I Fell Asleep

I have been awakened by the power of the Resurrection . . . awakened to live a life devoted to the way of Christ. So yea — I’m woke, won’t you join me?

Christianity is Easy

There will be challenges in this life and there will always be a cost associated with being a true disciple of Christ.

The Trading Post

Jesus sacrificed His holiness to be the offering to cleanse our soul.

A New Kind of Prodigal

Those who greet these returning ones with the heart of the Father, not the shame and judgment of the older brother, will enter a collaborative Kingdom relationship.

O Come Let Us Adore Him

O come let us adore Him sing praises to the King, daily He gives you all of Him, what will to Him you bring?

Giving Yourself Away

Because we were made in his image, by design our existence can only find its true orientation when we are in harmony with him.

I Came for You

God came for you, You are good enough, you are wanted, cared for, important to Him, and you never have to earn your Savior’s love.