FASHION MEETS FAITH: Brown is the New Black

This week I showcase some women in our Closet Outfit Planner Facebook community and how they’ve put fall outfits together from their very own closets using shades of brown.

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Hidden in the Stairs

There is a higher dimension of living that God has called His Bride to experience, but in order to get there, you will have to climb the stairs. In today’s episode, you will find the secret to living above and beyond your limitations.

When Truth is Bitten

Our warfare in times of chaos and disorder will not leave behind bite marks that tear and rip another person apart.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 6 Style Tips for Joggers

Joggers are a chic, comfy staple for every wardrobe but do you ever wonder how to style your joggers for any occasion? In this video, I’m sharing 6 style tips to up-style your joggers whether you’re traveling, shopping, or on a date night out!

A Nation Adrift

Those who say God is not concerned about nations are ill-informed regarding His purpose for the Church on Earth.

When All is Made Right

So, like the good pocket watch, is characterized by accurately keeping time – bearing God’s image requires us to remember why we were created in the first place.

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: Knocked Down, But Not Knocked Out

Do you feel like the crashing waves and violet winds are too much to bear?  Is your boat filling up with water and you’re about to sink?  Today’s episode will strengthen you to see your trials from a different perspective.  

A Dream on Rosh Hashanah

I sense that the ten days of awe will be a time of crossing over from living one way to living in another way— a better way.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 5 Best Jewelry Trends for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and I want to prepare you for some of the jewelry trends for this Autumn. Watch this video for 5 tips on the trending jewelry styles for this Fall! You’ll fall in love with these jewelry trends!

THE SHARON BOLAN SHOW: The Breaking of the Soul

The inner life of Christ is within your Spirit but cannot be released unless there is a breaking of the outer shell of the soul.  How does that process take place, and how do we truly live IN the Spirit? 

The Fool Turns the Wheel

A culture steeped in an upside-down enchantment can’t simply be jerked out of their delusion by logic.


How does God arise over our troubles and circumstances? There is something we must do in order for Him to arise.  Find out in today’s episode.

What a Crock of …

Today, our world is flaunting in public what is inappropriate, even in private.