The Message of the Hour

A growing number of Christians believe America is too far gone. At the same time, many say that a great awakening will save us.

Preparation for the Times

It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to be the ones who are able and prepared to help in a disaster.

The Gritty Side of Fatih

Love requires that we reach out and take hold of those in jeopardy, even the ones who mocked and shamed our interpretation of reality.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Simple Shopping Tips In 2021!!!

In today’s video, I went shopping with my hilarious sister, Wendi, to show you how to simplify the shopping process! Taking the guesswork out of outfit planning is always the goal, so let’s walk through a few quick tips to help you shop at any store with confidence!

What I Learned From My #MeToo #ChurchToo Story

Listen to Jill as she shares her own personal story related to the #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements. Although feeling much vulnerability, she offers both her testimony and what God has subsequently taught her.

The Black Pill

Exhausted from the disappointment of the fraud election, many have simply given up.

JESUS, ME & ANXIETY: Freedom to Trust

Episode #14 – In this episode, I talk about what God’s teaching me about how to for real trust Him in the middle of my panic/anxiety. Also, box breathing is my new thing and I’m doing it everywhere! If you haven’t heard about it, take a listen and try it. You won’t be disappointed!