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Marketing and Web Design for Kingdom Businesses

Kingdom Winds Marketing offers a full array of marketing and web design services to help Christian creatives and ministries prosper. Although we possess broad marketing experience and know-how, it is our dedication to kingdom-focused businesses and kingdom principles that best equips us to partner with you for success.

We understand your heart, objectives, and target market because we largely share those things in common. This is further extended and enhanced through our affiliation with, and the relationships we enjoy through, the Kingdom Winds Collective.

Adaptive Approach for Varying Needs

We also understand that the profiles of our partners may vary widely, so we are intentional in creating approaches tailored to meet a spectrum of needs. Whether you are an aspiring author, an emerging artist, or a well-established ministry—we stand ready to help on terms that work for you.

For instance, we offer everything from affordably priced, starter website packages to get you up and running to full custom designs with brand scripting and SEO. Similarly, we are prepared to help with email, social media, and search engine marketing for any size budget.

Powering and Empowering Success

The Kingdom Winds Collective and digital platform offer a powerful combination to help you build brand, expand reach, grow influence, and drive sales. Kingdom Winds Marketing stands ready to partner with you to further leverage this opportunity and beyond with our value-added services. (Of course, joining the Collective is not a prerequisite for marketing and web design assistance, but membership offers some awesome benefits, including discounts on these services.)

  • Web Design and Development

    • Starter Packages to Custom Designs
    • Copywriting
    • Branding
    • SEO
    • Landing Pages
    • Hosting and Support
  • Marketing

    • Design Services
    • Branding
    • Email Marketing
    • Online Marketing
    • Traditional Marketing

We would love to hear about the passions on your heart and discuss how we might partner with you to achieve your goals. It is our mission to help others fulfill their calling to advance the Kingdom of God.


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