Bible Study/Devotional

Living in the Grace Paradigm: Extending the Grace We Receive

Day 266 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we mess up and make mistakes that seem to be beyond repair. That’s a perfect situation for God’s grace. God freely gives us grace when we confess and repent, but do we do the same for others? Living in the grace paradigm means we extend the grace we have also received.

The Final Answer

Are we seeking answers and pressing into hearing what God wants?  Do we even ask the Lord?

Two Son: Two Attitudes

How do you respond when you are asked to do something?  Do you say no, and then change your mind?  Or, do you say yes, then not do it?   Today in our parable, “There was a man who had two sons.”  (Matthew 21: 28)  The father asked the first son to work in the vineyard. […]

I Ain’t Nobody’s Fool: Walking in God’s Wisdom

Day 264 of Bible Reading Plan – “I ain’t nobody’s fool”. No one wants to be a fool, yet we live in a culture full of folly. And we can be naive or fooled if we are not careful. But there is a way out. As we ask God for wisdom, He promises to answer.

Explore: The Lord Is With Us

 Learning to trust God completely seems to be like a lifelong process, but the sooner we learn, the less we will suffer.

Love Your Enemies Anyway

Day 263 of Bible Reading Plan – When people come against us, it is not us they truly hate nor is it really them who are attacking us. The enemy of our souls incites man against man, but we can take a different tactic. When we don’t take attacks against us as being about us, we are set free from the drama and let God fight our battles for us. When people attack you, love your enemies anyway.

Finding Our Significance

Day 262 of Bible Reading Plan – Ever felt, meh, like, you don’t amount to much in this world? Maybe you had hoped you would be more successful or that God would use you in a greater way. But finding our significance is not based on our achievements. Our significance comes from whether or not we know God.

Concerning You

There is a difference between being concerned, and fearful.  Remember the rainbow which reminds us of His covenant, His promises. 

John’s Gospel: Fever

Jesus spent two days in the Samaritan village of Sychar where He had met the famous Woman at Well.

Staying in the Sweet Zone

Day 261 of Bible Reading Plan – We need to be in relationship with God and cry out for help to live this life. We need to ask for wisdom, too, as Solomon did.

An Offering Of Mercy

God had just proclaimed a blessing to His people, so they offer gifts to Him in twelve sequential days of celebrative pageantry.

Living Up to Promises: Finding Grace for Fulfillment

Day 260 of Bible Reading Plan – Have you ever spoken a promise to God when you were in a tough spot? In that moment you were likely desperate and committed to following through. The problem is, we cannot perfectly keep up our end of the relationship with God. What then? God helps us to keep our word when we fall short. Living up to promises is not possible apart from God’s grace. And God never fails or breaks His promises. He will complete the work He began in us.