Bible Study/Devotional


Episode 127 – In this episode, we’re going to talk about that one thing you absolutely must do if you want to change. Without this, you may as well never even begin the process because you’re just going to get frustrated when you fail. So, what is this one thing? Listen in to find out!

Take it to Heart

Day 325 of Bible Reading Plan – It has become popular to just give the bare minimum. Word choices like “whatever”, and “it’ll do” keep mankind subscribing to a second-best mentality. Our efforts are “enough”. But this is not the standard that God holds us to.

Rebuilding the Impossible

Day 324 of Bible Reading Plan – Have you ever had a moment in your life when everything before your eyes was seemingly destroyed? Utter desolation. The grief is too much to bear and you struggle to comprehend it all, much less begin the effort of rebuilding. It is in such moments that everything we thought we knew is reevaluated through a new lens of great suffering. Rebuilding the impossible is possible when we fix our eyes on God, His Word, and promises. God makes a way where there seems to be no way.

God’s Got You

When we don’t have a clear and correct view of God, we cannot live the way God designed us to live.

Overcoming Apathy and Igniting Passion

Day 323 of Bible Reading Plan – Just going with the flow living in the status quo is not the abundant life God had in mind. But overcoming apathy and igniting passion in our lives is going to take a continual, intentional effort.

How Do We Live?

He has created our entire world, how could we not see Him in it?  

John’s Gospel: Annas

Through the stone walls, Peter and John could hear the interrogation of Jesus by the Sanhedrin.

Set Apart

God’s direction is above man’s suggestion.  

The Lie of Tolerance

Day 316 of Bible Reading Plan – Acceptance is a beautiful thing—but what about tolerance? How do we handle unbiblical standards in the church today? The word tolerance is used a lot today, but what are we tolerating? And what are we not tolerating? The lie of tolerance is revealed in its fruit.

Looking Down

We must see with our eyes, hear with our ears, but learn to understand with our heart.