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Secure and Insecure

I know it’s all part of the human condition, but we don’t ever want it to be part of OUR condition!

Lazarus At Your Gate

Loving our family members may, or may not, be filled with obstacles and land mines – but it still remains the most conspicuous place to begin.

Unity vs. Uniformity

What the world needs from the church right now, is not silence. They don’t need uniformity.

Aging Well

I don’t want to buy into the lie that external appearance is the most defining feature of a person, or that aging is something to despise.

Glory Days

Life happens, and time ticks on. Yes, our bodies are getting older, but old age with wisdom is key.

I Hear Voices

Our Heavenly Father’s voice can silence the lies we tell ourselves, the lies our parents have told us, and the lies of the evil one.

The Road to Christmas Part Three

Read Part One here, and Part Two here. “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward men. ”Oh. that today the human family could recognize that song! The declaration then made, the note then struck, will swell to the close of time, and resound to the ends of the earth. […]

Joy and Sorrow

We often don’t believe that joy and sorrow are simultaneously possible because we don’t know what true joy is.