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The Boy with No Name

“Out of control”, “monster”, “destructive” were stuck to him every day… but none of them was his name.

Choice, Calling, and Imaging God

The opportunity we uniquely have to image God is a paradoxical combination of what we choose and what is handed to us by the world around us.

When Heaven Departed

As mankind turned their loyalty to Satan, through a rejection of God’s Word, their dominion in the earth was taken over by him.

Unpleasant Destinations

Preoccupation with riches, and the busyness it generates, can leave us in a vulnerable place of isolation.

Full Buckets, Empty Tank

Do we understand that we are carriers of a presence that is meant to invade every circumstance and bring His glory to every situation?


I want to surround my husband, children, friends, and yes, even myself with a tone that is set from beautiful Biblical wisdom and not from the things of this earth.

Apostolic Grace

We will have times in our life when God sends us to our own private Gethsemane and like Jesus, we cry out, “God, could there be any other way?” I

The Problem with Comparison

You can’t find God’s path and purpose for your life when you’re trying to walk on someone else’s road.

Occupied with Joy

The secret to strength unto contentment and satisfaction is through Him, and in Him.

The Triune Church

The issue is that the world is starting to speak a different sociological language than the church, leaving the church to feel outdated.