A Coming Showdown

A showdown is about to take place and its purpose will not be to prove any of us right.

Why Should I Go Back to Church?

I might even go so far as to say that the presence indwelling the family is probably the single most important aspect of being a church.

Time of Preparation

When direction is given, burdens are relieved, comforts are received, and strength is granted.

The Church is Dead

Where I am allowed to do so, I am raising up a new vibrant church to lead My people into a revival-led Golden Age.

Awake O Sleeper!

Only when the Bride is Fully Awake will we see her taking dominion in the earth like the earth has been anticipating.

A Great Mercy

God’s justice will have its way if those who profess to follow the Lord choose to walk in His mercy no matter how challenging that choice will be or who it might offend. 

Fountain of Youth

I have always emphatically believed that when you are young … you really don’t appreciate it.