How to Enter Into God’s Rest

We must be careful not to move from walking in the light of His grace and salvation to trying to light our own lamps to find another way.

Cargo Ships

Your cargo ship of help and provision is on the way!

Attacks From Within

The most devastating attacks against the Church are not from the outside but from inside the circles of our shared fellowship.

Beautifully Broken

How beautiful is a heart that seeks to please the Lord before all else that even in our weakness, we show ourselves strong in Christ?

Learning How to Love

For every person that needs deliverance, there are probably ten who need healing and restoration.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Why is it So Hard to be a Christian Today?

Lessons from 2 Timothy 3 – In this episode, Erin Olson discusses why it is so hard to be a Christian today during times when people are seeking pleasure more than they are seeking God. Erin continues in her teaching series of 2 Timothy and discusses Paul’s charge to Timothy in chapter 3.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: How Do You Define Evil?

In today’s episode, Erin discusses the tragic events which took place in Uvalde, Texas this past week. She discusses where evil came from and how Christians can navigate reaching those who are hurting, sad, angry, and need help.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: More Than Positive Thinking

Denise defines the needs of our mindset battles—which require more than positive thinking. Using Philippians 4:8, she powerfully sets forth the prescription for a right mind as defined in God’s Word.