THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Interview with Josh Dominguez

In today’s interview, I sit down with Josh Dominguez, the Founder and CEO of Two Years ago, Josh discovered that his kidneys were shutting down and his very life was in great danger. In this inspiring story, you’ll hear how this husband and father of 5 found the motivation to fight for his life.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Kent Ingle Interview – Part 2

In this interview, Dr. Ingle breaks down the ramifications of THE EQUALITY ACT and what it would mean for Christian Education around the USA if it were to become the law of the land. We all need to be aware of this legislation and its consequences.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Scott Wilson Interview

In this enriching conversation, we sit down with Leadership Expert and Author, Scott Wilson, to discuss the principles found in his latest book, IMPACT. STAY TUNED TILL THE END for a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Scotty Gibbons Interview

Do you or someone you know live in constant chronic pain? THEN PLEASE LISTEN to Pastor Scotty Gibbons’ testimony. It will be a great encouragement to your heart! For over 30+ years…he has led ministry at a very high level with constant physical pain.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Byron Klaus Interview – Part 2

If you are looking for a good listen on your commute to work…look no further than this deep discussion with Dr. Byron Klaus. In today’s interview, we sit down once again with Dr. Byron Klaus to discuss the IMPACTS OF CULTURE on the Church and Ministry.

MIMIKA TV: Pivot, Adapt, Opportunity

Asking God what His plans are for your life will open up a whole new world for you. Let’s discuss how we can pivot, adapt and look for opportunities amidst the storm.

MIMIKA TV: Season 5 Wrap and Training

The news is that I’ll be taking a break over the Summer from recording the show, but you can look forward to a brand new lineup of powerhouse guests in the Fall for season 6.

MIMIKA TV: Breaking Up with Perfect with Ugonna Ukwu

In today’s episode, we talk with Ugonna Ukwu, a personal and health coach that helps others transform their lives. Ugonna talks about surrendering your life to Jesus and giving up perfectionism so you can truly succeed in life and live your purpose.