Spiritual Life

The Spirit of Elijah

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service, featuring a message from Michael Thorton on the Spirit of Elijah.

Let it Rain!

We ask for the windows of Heaven to be opened.  Bring a shower of refreshing and a fresh wind of blessing to sweep across our lives.

Modern Day Idols

Episode #98 – Just like the Israelites worshipped the idol while they were waiting on God, my heart is also prone to wander in seasons of waiting. 

God Calls Us to Be Uncomfortable

God calls us to be uncomfortable, though. So many of us desire to be used by God, but then we say “Well, except for that, Lord.”

Mark’s Gospel: Pilate

Neither Pilate nor the cruel soldiers knew that the blood they spilled that day would someday save the world.

Light Pollution, Part 1

The first edition of a Lenten series hosted by 68 Church. Be sure to take a listen to part 1 of Light Pollution!

Two Journeys

The journey of faith is a paradox of these two journeys. As we pursue God, we are pushed out of our comfort zones and into the unknown many times.

Mark’s Gospel: Peter

The raucous sound of the bird and the sounds of torture a few feet away were all drowned in Peter’s hearing by the memory of the sad words of Jesus.

Mark’s Gospel: Trials

The arena grew suddenly quiet as each participant realized the importance of the answer. In the courtyard, Peter moved to a different place by the fire.


The Bible is filled with crazy characters who should have known better, but all struggled with questions. Jesus knows, and He doesn’t hold it against us.

Devote Yourselves to Prayer

We often don’t realize until later what’s happening as we pray. Only later do we begin to understand what our prayers put into motion.

Mark’s Gospel: Supper

Each of them knew that he was capable of such a horrible thing and hoped against hope that he would not be the guilty one.

An Encouragement to the Josephs

God has designed your minds with the ability to easily grasp new paradigms. You are the breaker-ones, so far ahead of your time.

Living Up to Your Potential

As guardian angels, we work with our assignments. If they ask or seek our help through prayer, we assist however we can to safeguard them.