Spiritual Life

The Seven Churches

The Spirit will endow Him with the wisdom to undertake wise purposes and with the power to carry them out. 


In this episode, Denise continues a deep dive into the topic of joy and moves the conversation into finding joy. Did you know joy often happens in the midst of suffering? Discover this truth and others as you listen in on five ways we can find true joy in Christ.

Farsighted or Shortsighted?

Those who are farsighted are able to see the Resurrection Power of the Holy Spirit in operation in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Always Ready

There are no earthly holidays or retirement from sharing the Good News.

DARE 2 HEAR: The Light – with Buck Storm

The Light, by Buck Storm, is not just an engaging read; it’s a page-turner. The story of “The Light” takes place during the 50 days after Christ’s death and introduces us to what it may have been like to walk with the new believers during this time. What better book to keep our focus on Christ as we journey toward Pentecost? 

Discerning Distractions

A distraction is used by hell to wear down the saints of God to the point of frustration where we give up and roll over and let hell have its way. 

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Exploring the Chosen – with Amanda Jenkins

Amanda’s husband, Dallas, is the creator of The Chosen, the first multi-season TV series about the life of Jesus. She creates The Chosen’s extra content, including devotionals and podcasts and The Chosen children’s books. Listen in today to go behind the scenes of the show and the Jenkins family that makes it happen!


Malari’s story is packed full of redemption, recovery, and HOPE. The bravery and raw emotions are meant to flip the script on someone’s world, and we can’t wait to hear how she has impacted you.