Spiritual Life

Missions as Encouragement

Seeing doesn’t mean fame (which doesn’t satisfy as much as it promises) but seeing means belonging. It means community and support, not necessarily financially but emotionally.

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: The Content, Context and Community of Discipleship

Episode 123 – In this week’s episode of The Jesus Habit Podcast, we are going to start getting into the science of transformation. What are the core components necessary to become like Christ? Is it simply about knowing enough of the right information or is there more than that? I invite you to listen to discover what might be missing from your transformation journey. 

A Sign Appeared

God has a plan for his men and women, it’s a royal plan that only He has given. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Take the Limits Off Your Dreams with Dr. Angela D. Thomas

Episode #15 – Everything about her background said she should fail – but God. Entrepreneur and executive Dr. Angela D. Thomas, affectionately known as “Dr. A,” overcame daunting challenges to build a successful career in healthcare. Her story, “Bullets, Babies and Boardrooms,” will unpack the power of choice and propel you to achieve your God-given dreams. 

What If I Tell?

We are trained to forget what happens, told we are crazy or made to think we are just making it up.

To Us And For Us

That day of rest will come for Job and for anyone who has been in a battle for a long time.   

DARE 2 HEAR: The Nations Rage

While the spiritual atmosphere grows more toxic and society becomes more anti-God, Christians are engaging less and less with their faith in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. David and I cover a lot of topics including 1) the issue of the church being guided more by ideologies and emotions vs. theology and devotion; 2) the cost of revival and how it is irresponsible to prophesy revival without preparing the next generation for it.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Transgender To Transformed with Jeffrey McCall – Part 1

Episode #14 – From a young age, Jeffrey McCall felt he was attracted to men, and in his early twenties, he began to identify as transgender. During this time, he started to experience suicidal thoughts and feelings of depression. In one of Jeffery’s darkest moments, he had an encounter with God. Jeffery cried out to the Lord, and HE answered, “You will live for ME.” The Lord does not turn away a broken or contrite heart!

His Eyes Are Open

Are we confident that God is looking down upon us?  Yes, He is looking at us and working all the time.

Original Intent

A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking.

Worship, Fasting, and Prayer

Making an established time of worship, prayer and fasting honors the Lord in His purposes and aligns with His will.  

Covenant Love

My Covenant Love is beckoning to you. Will you answer My call?