Stay Thankful

Stay thankful, my children; I’ve got you covered; there is still more for you to always discover.

Are You Ready, My Beloved?

Are you ready for the Great Wedding Day? Is your lamp filled with oil and lit? Are you watching for His soon return?

I Sought You

What are you seeking for today? Are you seeking Me and My Presence?


I AM all that you will ever need. Have you asked me into your heart? Have you come to Me with all your needs?

His Eyes Are Open

Are we confident that God is looking down upon us?  Yes, He is looking at us and working all the time.

Original Intent

A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking.

Covenant Love

My Covenant Love is beckoning to you. Will you answer My call?

This We Proclaim!

This letter I am holding is testimony directly from someone who witnessed these wondrous events!
Someone who endured unimaginable persecution because of his faithfulness to this very testimony!

Not An Orphan

Tell it to my soul and I’ll tell it to the world…I’m not an orphan anymore.

First Love

Will you give Me your life? Will you say it’s Mine?

Book Review: Transformed – Until Christ is Formed in You

“Until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19)—it is the heart’s cry of every believer. Bringing tangible application to this benevolent theme, Nate Stevens presents his latest work, Transformed, a 30-day devotional journey toward the goal of Christlikeness.   Each entry features a highlighted Scripture reference, reflection content, and a prayer to solidify the day’s […]

Do Not Forget!

It was a hard truth that many who came face to face with Jesus would stumble and fall, just as he had once done. Paul only prayed that in their brokenness, they would take hold of the mercy and grace offered through Jesus, and then live every day in humble awe of that gift.

A Love Letter

Life without Me keeps you in chains. Life in Me truly sets you free to soar.

The Script

I let someone else determine my worth. I let someone else write these lines in my head.

He Went With Them!

This unique image in the life of Jesus transcends stereotypes and encourages us to do the same.