He’s Coming Back

It may not be tomorrow, but it’s a fact He’s coming back
The folded cloth left in His tomb meant exactly that
The Master will return; the King is very near
Are you ready for the day when Jesus Christ appears?

A Year of Mama Jane’s Secret

Chad Norris published his second book Mama Jane’s Secret a year ago on February 13, 2018. And since then, the secret of friendship with God isn’t such a secret anymore.

He Loves Me

Jesus displayed the depth of His love
by taking our sins and making them His
Can you feel the love in His sacrifice?
There is no love greater than this

Realize the Promise

The Promised One has come, hallelujah.
He died for me.
He died for you.
But He rose again and is alive and active as the true King over all.

Home Run

The Heaviest Hitter that has ever scored
will be announced with a trumpet’s horn
The Greatest Comeback there ever will be
is the Return of Christ, the King of all Kings

Why Do We Fear if God is in Control?

Why do we cling to fear when our loving Father has arms that desire to hold us? Perfect love and trust in our heavenly Father cast out our fears. I’m still learning this and imagine that, in this life, it may always be a struggle, but thankfully my heavenly Father is a gentle and patient teacher.

Off Limits

You trust us to fulfill Your plan, so we must. Friendship with You and access to Your presence, When we know You as Father, nothing is off limits.