The Gift of More!

In times of self-doubt, he often recalled those two women who were not defined by what they had done or how much they had to offer.

Cling to Him

Let His peace wash over you, for it is like no other.

In the Waiting

When it comes right down to it though, I’d rather wait on God than do my own thing.

The Choice

He chose to be here. To come into the world screaming, as a baby, not just as a man.

The Boy with No Name

“Out of control”, “monster”, “destructive” were stuck to him every day… but none of them was his name.

Invitation to Linger

Did anyone respond to his invitation to linger over this scripture? What was its full context, and why did Jesus find it so significant?

Gather at the Table

Gather at the Table today and feast on the Banquet that God has prepared for you.


If we don’t rise up in our might— like Gideon we will surely slip into fatal paralysis!

I’ll Dance for Joy

I will dance for You my God and my King. I will praise You all of my days in all of my ways.

Fully Usable

We must remember God’s call is for His people to possess the land.  This requires change and moving out–moving out of our comfort zone.