LIV2DAY: Created to Work

God created us to work. Shocker? Well, it’s true. So are you ready to collaborate in work with the almighty? Imagine the possibilities available for you when you completely trust him…when you desire to collaborate with him.

LIV2DAY: Defending Your Faith

In this episode, Dr. Paula offers suggestions on how to share your faith and why it’s important, especially in today’s times, where Christians are facing persecution in unexpected ways and places. If Christ already paid the price for your life on the cross, what can you have to lose that has any lasting value? Nothing.

How to Feel Joy in Pain

Pain comes, but joy is the River of the Holy Spirit that runs through the heart of every believer.

LIV2DAY: Finding Your Missing PEACE

In this episode, Dr. Paula dives into the topic of peace. Do you feel like your missing out on peace these days? Well, you’re not alone. From Philippians 4:7: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Miraculous Stories – with Chris and Jan Igwe

Chris Igwe’s family calls him the “Umbrella of Hope” because, since a child, he’s had a keen awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God in his life. Chris tells his story of persecution and suffering but also shares the miraculous stories that God performed in his life and that saved his life.  

Forgiveness or Judgement

It’s totally right to be offended at evil, and it’s total right to take action against evil. I just don’t hold on to it. 

LIV2DAY: Creative Energy

Today on Episode #24, we will explore how to continue playing and creating in life. And how creativity is its own energetic force!

LIV2DAY: Living in Wholeness

In this episode, Dr. Paula discusses what it means to truly live in wholeness, to shed the old, and to live as a “new creation”—just as we are promised in Scripture.

Tending the Garden of My Soul

I remember pulling and imagining my worry being replaced with peace, my fear being replaced with courage, my doubt with trust, and my anger with self-control.

When God Transforms Us

Our old ways, desires, and lusts begin to fade as the Spirit begins to conquer everything within us that hinders our new life in Christ that is emerging.