LIV2DAY: Connecting to Others + BONUS Ask Dr. Paula!

Coming to you from her studio in North Texas, Dr. Paula McDonald records this time-sensitive message on the importance of connecting to others. In the midst of this February 2021 deep freeze ridden with power outages, water shortages, potential flooding, and more, across much of our country, Dr. Paula shares how now more than ever we truly need one another.

THE HOPE STREAMS PODCAST: How to Start Hearing from God!

It can be so confusing trying to sort through WHAT is God, your Heavenly Father, saying?! PLUS, others’ expectations and the LOUD world we live in. Here Stephen and Crystal share some great foundational resources to begin hearing from your Heavenly Father for YOURSELF—and how to get confirmation so you KNOW His voice!

Olaf’s Pep Talk

Sometimes I get caught up in my emotions and forget that my feelings often cloud the truth.

LIV2DAY: Jesus Saved, Not Shamed

Today’s episode raises the issue of a phenomenon that seems to be on the rise among well-meaning Christians – a disposition of “righteous anger,” which sounds much like “righteous indignation.” Dr. Paula breaks down the issue and explains why it matters and what we, as Christians, must carefully guard against.

Molded and Refined

Sometimes it takes being broken to build beauty, to be refined, to be MOLDED.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Debra’s Story of Hope in the Darkness

You will hear the powerful story of how Debra found HOPE in the middle of darkness even when her darkness was created by her own choices in life. She played the fool and danced with the world and caressed the voices in her head that whispered lies from the pits of hell.  Debra believed the lies and allowed herself to walk down a road of addiction, partying, pain and darkness.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to God

Listen in as Dr. Paula McDonald walks us through the divine connection created by God to His children and all of the wondrous ways in which His designs are replicated in the physical world around us.