From an Encounter to a Call: Echoes of His Heart

From cover to cover, readers will come to learn that “He loves, heals, forgives, saves, and speaks.”

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In the fall of 2011, Debbie Andrews Smith had an encounter that would not soon be forgotten. She was praying about many things that day; one was for blessings for a young couple whose love and zeal for the Lord was inspiring to her. She longed for the confidence to be more outspoken about her faith so that she, too, might be used in leading souls to the Savior of the world. Upon expressing this desire to the Lord, she heard Him clearly say, Debbie, … saving souls is what its all about. Dont worry; youll find your own way to speak about me.This was the first time Smith had audibly heard His voice, and the moment was far from disappointing.

A year and a half later, in the Spring of 2013, the blooming writer showed some pieces shed recently written to her family and friends. Many encouraged her to get them published, but it was the persistence of one of her sons that brought revelation. Her writing was a gift from God; He would want it shared. Smith let those words sink in, recalled the overwhelming encounter with Him shed had, and realized that poetry would be how shed speak about the Lord.

Although she claims to have only dabbled in floetry— she defines this as the Spirit of God flowing and working within me which flows from my heart and soul to another— her passion for it has flourished with Gods guidance. Her book, Echoes of His Heart, is the product of her diligence in conveying Scriptural truths. From cover to cover, readers will come to learn that He loves, heals, forgives, saves, and speaks.Accompanying every poem is a verse at the bottom of each page.

One of the most fitting poems for the book is The Invitation.Much like the book as a whole, this poem welcomes people to join the journey of following Jesus and gives a glimpse of the promises that come with having Him in our lives. Its lines are as follows:


The Invitation


You are cordially invited to embrace Jesus Christ

His yoke is easy; His burden is light


All who are weary and heavily laden

please know that His rest is a prayer away


Accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord

brings new strength with each new day


Hes always available, so were never alone

When we stay united, He helps carry our load


Were lost without Him; we need Him in our heart

Once we have Him, we wont want Him to part


Its up to us, but of this we can be sure:

Our present life is but a blur


The sooner we accept His gracious invitation

The sooner well become a brand-new creation


We can also reject His invitation

and reap the consequence this brings


Our decision is eternal—Have you RSVPd?

You are personally invited to embrace the Great King!


Smith says, This book is a testimony of my faith and my contribution and tribute to God Almighty.She knows that the Lord will use it for a grander purpose than she could ever fathom and feels strongly that if it brings one stray person back to Him or leads one new soul to Him, then her book will have achieved its purpose.With the air of boldness, she has received these last few years, Smith is determined to continue sharing Jesus as she is a firm believer He is not meant to be kept a secret.


Echoes of His Heart

Messages of Hope, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace




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