Leadership Team

The Kingdom Winds crew shares a deep passion to partner with our collective members to advance the Kingdom!

Gary Suess, President and Co-Founder

Gary is the co-founder of Kingdom Winds along with his wife, Beth. He has been a serial entrepreneur since graduating from college. The majority of his career has been spent building and leading successful, mortgage-banking businesses, including those of some of the nation's largest banks. It was during this time that Gary became recognized as one of the industry's top innovators in e-business, direct marketing, customer experience, and strategic partnerships. More recently, he has channeled those passions and skills into the creation of a full-service marketing agency and, now, the formation of Kingdom Winds. Overall, creating and passionately pursuing new ideas flow naturally from Gary’s Campaigner (ENFP) personality type.

Outside the world of bits and bytes, business models, and branding, Gary has maintained a lifelong love for sports, music, art, reading, writing, pizza, and cats. Both his personal and professional endeavors have been marked by a passion to create. Whether pursuing business, leisure, ministry, or simply hanging out with friends and family, Gary counts it all joy with a life anchored in faith, filled with the deep love and friendship of God. All of the above helped to inspire a new book entitled Joy All Around Us, which he co-authored with Beth and their daughter.

Elizabeth Suess, Vice-President and Co-Founder

Elizabeth (but you can call her Beth) considers herself a “crazy cat-lady,” mostly minus the “crazy.” As empty nesters, Gary and Beth can now justify filling their home with furry felines. Beth cut her professional teeth in the banking world and is thrilled to now be surrounded by writers and other creatives, furthering the Kingdom. Her long-standing love of books is evident in both the use of her free time and the overflowing bookshelves within their home. Although Beth occasionally still enjoys a gripping novel, most of her current reading is focused on expanding her understanding of Father and growing in Him.

When she is not in her home office, you may very well find her in their workout room, lifting weights, another lifelong passion. Please don’t ask her about cardio. One of her greatest joys is helping collective members realize both their God-given potential and dreams. As a Consul (ESFJ), Beth is comfortable in her role as evangelist for KW. She believes encouragement is one of our highest callings and would love to sit down with you to enjoy a glass of green tea and listen to your story.