There’s Something Happening Here

To deny that our faith should bring influence in the political sphere of society is as naïve as believing our faith should not influence all areas of culture.

How Sweet is the Light

Yeah, in the dark, when the sun isn’t shining for the time, we must seek Him, find Him and follow Him!

Blessed Assurance

Each one of us has a story and that story is being written on the tablet of our hearts.  

The Nest Is Shaking!

While religion has tried to keep you immature and in the nest, God is calling you to soar.

Like a Child

The Kingdom of God is found in the suspended disbelief of a child-like nascent expectation of a God who gathers us into his arms.

Dealing with Strongholds

We must learn to look objectively at any thoughts or attitudes that fail to conform to the likeness and teachings of Jesus.

The Shifting Baseline Syndrome

To combat the disease of this shift, the Lord is calling His Church to return to a simple and uncluttered expression of faith.

Captives Will Be Set Free

It is time for the unmasking of false gods and for the unveiling of the revelation of Jesus and His love to be found by the seekers.

Words of Life: Knowing Hope

Jesus was unfathomable and this frustrated those who wanted to understand Him, to check him off their lists of understood topics.

The Spiritual Maelstrom

A bombshell of both confusion and violence is about to erupt in the centers of Satanic influence – Washington DC, London, and Rome — as he fights to retain control of his empire.


Each day we are given is another beautiful occasion as to which we can experience and understand the grace of God.