Our Moment by Moment Standing

Scripture points to a God who graciously condescends to dwell among His people, even while they are in an imperfect and potentially offensive state.   

God is Calling Out, “Come!”

Do not hesitate— do not look back or hold onto what lies behind because He’s calling you into the new day, the day of fulfillment and oneness.


Advancement in God’s Kingdom is not about who wins the social debate.

Be the Cork

What God intended was for each of us to use the resources and gifts we have been given to influence and show God’s goodness to those around us.

Let Him

We are on the precipice of partnering with the Lord in a move of His Spirit and wonders in the earth like we have never seen before.


Whatever it is that God has called you to do, this is the time to go for it!

Let it Be

Know this, My Warrior. I carry not only your burdens but I carry you also.

“Who Am I?”

When I entertain the ways I’m inadequate, I’m not believing God is who He says He is.