As He Is, So are We

It’s not enough to encounter the love of God, the Holy Spirit was sent to transform us into the love of God as His ambassadors here.

Seasons of Silent Suffering

While at first, the silence spoke only condemnation, leaning into God’s love transformed silence into serenity.

Fearful and Silent

We have not been called to simply carry truth as an intellectual possession.

A Brief Consideration of Angels

When Jesus was threatened in the garden, He told Peter that He was able to get twelve legions of angels to protect Him if He had wanted.

Guiding Light

The Light of the World has come to give us new life and He sends the Holy Spirit as our guiding light.

King of Kings

If we surrender to Him, in this way, His divine rule and guidance become one with every decision that we make.

Darkest Before Dawn

Pentecost 2022 will see The Holy Spirit Fire fall on the “Upper Room Remnant,” known as the Remnant Church, and bring revival to the world.

The Enlightening of Your Eyes

The goal of the Holy Spirit is to turn on the Lights for each of us so that we can see and grab hold of everything that He’s provided for us.

Where’s Your Joy?

God doesn’t expect us to have joy in response to the trials themselves, but in knowing the outcome.

I’ve Noticed Something

Only a supernatural manifestation of God’s power carries the hope of redemption and resurrection for individual lives and for the wider culture.

The Wilderness

When you find yourself in the wilderness, I encourage you to lean into the land marked by His faithfulness.


Believers will receive a full reward for our deeds of faith.  

Season of Harvest

It’s not a time to look to the left or right or behind, only to that which is straight ahead of you. Your journey is purposeful.

The Storehouse of Your Heart

Whatever we allow through the gates of our life (eyes and ears), goes into our minds and as we focus on it more and more it will eventually make its way to our hearts.