About Ukraine: What is Really Happening with Russia?

Given that the conflict is across the Atlantic and largely out of the eyes of most alternative news sources, it’s particularly hard to gather information and insight because we are having to rely so much on the mainstream media and our government.

When Fear Leads

Behind our uncanny ability to go along with fear-based solutions masquerading as truth, is our need to fit in and be seen as a rational person.

Trump is Coming Back

I can say with total certainty that God is in control and that Donald Trump is His choice for this coming season.

No Neutrality

Is staying neutral, shutting my mouth, and “being nice” the right thing to do?

One Pastor Taking a Stand

Once Esther gathered the whole truth, she realized the necessity of taking a stand, even if it was her death sentence.

It is Written!

As citizens of a constitutional Republic, we have laws and statutes that act as written covenants on our behalf.