THE FATHER’S HEART PODCAST: The Ministry of Deliverance

It is part of the believer’s authority and part of our role as kingdom ambassadors on the earth to cast out demons by the Spirit of God. Releasing on earth as it is in heaven and seeing His bride truly transformed and set free by the power of God.

DARE 2 HEAR: Following His Spirit

The Spirit of the Lord is moving like a flood over the children of God. He is revealing the deeper secrets and the hidden things as you sit with Him. The still, small voice that is calling to your spirit wants you to know Him more. God has a plan and a destiny for every person.

DARE 2 HEAR: Offense Free Living (Part 3) – with Amie Rogers

This week in Part 3 of Living Unoffendable in an Offensive World: Offense Free Living, Amie Rogers and I give you ‘Steps to Overcome Offense’ in your own life. Plus, we talk about the different kinds of offense and give some Biblical examples we can learn from. 


In this episode, Tyler Medina talks about knowing Jesus, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Who He is, What He came to accomplish in our lives, His role now in the church, and what it means to walk in divine communion with His presence. 

STIRRING OF THE WATERS PODCAST: Dismantle the Fence of Offense!

Love and unity are of utmost importance to the Lord, and the enemy uses offense to bring strife and division to the Body of Christ, hindering the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth. Receive the prophetic word of the Lord and apply Godly wisdom to dismantle fences of offense!

Jezebel vs. Prophetic

The narcissist examines by studying the prophetic to reenact their words and activity and copy their mannerisms.

TORCHBEARERS: Partnering with God in Prayer

In this episode, Jake gives examples of how God intervenes in answer to prayer and teaches on how we can grow in our prayer lives. As we give ourselves to prayer, we will see God at work in and through our lives!

THE FATHER’S HEART PODCAST: The Power of the Resurrection

In this episode, Tyler Medina teaches about the power of the resurrection, what Christ came to redeem and establish in our lives, living on the other side of the cross free from the bondage of sin, and abiding in the place of communion with Christ.