I’ve Noticed Something

Only a supernatural manifestation of God’s power carries the hope of redemption and resurrection for individual lives and for the wider culture.

Close Encounters of the Best Kind

People wonder why they struggle with temptation? I think it is because they are not seeking to encounter the presence of God enough in their life.

Prophetic Solutions

Many people are looking for an answer in this season because they are about to make a big decision.

When Angels Arrive

The Lord has dispatched supernatural assistance in the form of angelic beings to aid His people as we attempt to do His will.

A Desire for the Supernatural

Any reason to tap into this realm other than to pursue a relationship with God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is dangerous.

Quantum Physics and the Supernatural

God is a reality that goes beyond the natural order and can reach into the natural order and in that intersection break the boundaries of natural laws and introduce new realities.