DARE 2 HEAR: The Discipleship Dilemma – with Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen and Debbie Kitterman talk about how the church has lost sight of the great commission, and Dennis jumps into the numbers and statistics, which are quite shocking and staggering if the church’s great commission is to expand the Kingdom of God and reach the nations with the good news.

DARE 2 HEAR: Where’s Your Focus

We need a Whine free Zone  – There is so much negativity in the world with so many things swirling around in the atmosphere that we need to be mindful of what we focus on.

DARE 2 HEAR: The End to Our Beginning – with Chawanda Walker

Chawanda Walker’s new book, “The End to Our Beginning,” takes a look at what the Garden of Eden was like. She dives into what we lost because of the fall, satan’s plan to deceive man, and she shares revelations we can walk in now because of God’s ultimate plan through His son, Jesus Christ. 

DARE 2 HEAR: Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

Liz Pitman’s new children’s book helps set a solid foundation for identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of children.  This book can help kids go from purposeless to purpose-packed. Liz’s book is bright, colorful, and engaging for children.

DARE 2 HEAR: Digital Detox – with Molly DeFrank

Molly DeFrank’s new book: “Digital Detox” is just what you need to not only help your kids get free from the toxicity of digital media, but it can help you as well. The truth is, we adults have a problem with digital media too.

DARE 2 HEAR: What Did God Mean?

Sometimes when God speaks, it’s not always super clear to us exactly what He means. This is when we get to press in to hear His heart even more and seek clarification on what we heard Him say.  

DARE 2 HEAR: Shut Up, Devil – with Kyle Winkler

Kyle and I discuss how the enemy is a liar, but he also tells the truth and how to shut him up when he begins to spin his lies. Also in this episode, Kyle shares: A Key to silencing fear in our life, Why we need to ask: “Who told me that?” and a beautiful love letter from the Lord.