The Womb of God

We are in a new season. The season of barrenness is over. The season of birthing is here.  

Root Systems and Rivers

Pregnant with life, free of strife and flowing with peace, the pure River of Life, Jesus – flows within you.

I Hear Voices

Our Heavenly Father’s voice can silence the lies we tell ourselves, the lies our parents have told us, and the lies of the evil one.

The Sleeping Giant

This morning as I was praying, I felt like God showed me something…I had a mental image of a huge sleeping giant.

Mario Murillo: The Proof It Is Fraud

The proof that it is fraud is that you will not let us talk about it. Your actions tell us you know it is fraud. Something hideously illegal has happened, and you are helping cover it up.

ELECTION DAY: Your Simple Choice Between Good and Evil

OPINION – This would sound like a conspiracy theory to prior generations of Americans. Today, it is a settled fact. The idea that they can sanitize a candidate confirmed to be totally compromised to China, morally bankrupt, and mentally diminished–and who is the head of a depraved family. Who is doing this? The biggest and […]