Kingdom Culture

A Political Apocalypse

This is clearly a political apocalypse, as we watch the mask of pretense fall, revealing the sinister intent of those seeking to control our cultural narrative.

Unholy Alliances

The alliances we form must be closely examined for any element that would lead us to compromise the truth or its expression.


Can you say you are greatly enjoying your relationship with Jesus? Is He real and precious to you these days? Would you like for your relationship to be sweeter, stronger, and more meaningful? Learn how to practically follow hard after God and how to enjoy Him more today on the blog and the podcast.

Riding on the Storm

It is we, the storm-riders, who carry the wind of His Spirit, driving all others into submission and calling the chaos into order for His divine purpose.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Child Maturity – Part 2

This episode focuses on the needs and tasks of the child’s stage of maturity.  We will also explore pseudo maturity and how being given responsibilities above your maturity stage doesn’t mature you faster it actually can stop your growth in that stage. 

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: The Shulamite’s Journey

The Lord wants you to know that just one GLANCE of your worshiping eyes overwhelms His heart. If you’ve had trouble finding His presence, or connecting with Jesus the way you once did, I believe today is going to free your heart in a powerful and precious way.