Kingdom Culture

Reigniting Intimacy: Protecting our Marriage

SD Episode #79 – Marriage—the one relationship we hoped would bring us the most joy can sometimes be a place of pain. But it does not have to be that way. Reigniting intimacy—protecting our marriage helps to restore our marriage to better than we ever hoped. Are you protecting the most important relationship you have?

Reigniting Intimacy—Happiness in our Marriage

SD#78 – This month we are talking about reigniting intimacy—happiness in our marriage. Happiness does not just happen. It is chosen. And there are many traps that can distract us from the joy God has given us in our marriage relationship. In this episode, we discuss twelve things that can rob us of happiness in our marriage . . . if we let them.

Editing God: Don’t Build a Counterfeit

Eve counters the serpent with an addition to what the instruction had been, “You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, or you will die.” We have been editing God ever since.

Beauty from Ashes, Mrs. Ashley Sloan

Episode #33 – In this episode, Jay and Jess get the extreme pleasure of interviewing the one and only Ashley Sloan. Ashley is a farmwife out of southern Oklahoma that has endured more in one life than anyone should, but she is here to tell her story of how God has worked it all for good in her life!

Reigniting Intimacy: Cherishing One Another

SD#77 – This month we are talking about reigniting intimacy in our marriage. Our words and actions matter and can affect how valued our spouse feels. Listen in to this episode as Denise and Clay Pass discuss what it means to cherish one another in their marriage. 

I Have Had Enough, Lord

Yes, He provides rest and food for a discouraged servant. Oh, what our God of mercy can do!  

Exploring the Shame Behind Racism

Episode #128 – In this episode, Denise Pass examines aspects of shame in racism with Shell Singh, ministry team member of Seeing Deep Ministries. Listen in as they discuss racism across different cultures in both biblical times and the present.

Negotiating a New Normal

While everything is slowly reopening and life is steadily inching back towards something that more closely resembles ‘normal’, there’s also this general sense that some of the changes to how we work, shop, and socialize are here to stay.

Lives Matter to God

It is time to rise up as men and women of God and take back what the enemy is trying to steal. For you have called your Body to be more than Conquerors.

“Unifying the Burgh” with Luke Negron

Episode #60 – Listen in as John Matarazzo interviews Luke Negron, a man he saw cleaning up the trash from the streets of Pittsburgh, PA… the same city he’s trying to represent to Congress in Washington D.C.

I Told Me So

Everyone believes that they have come to the most logical conclusion given the information they have been given. We all believe that we are right and, naturally, no one likes to believe that they are wrong.

The Map To Hope

I’ve had to wrestle lately with the emotional trauma of being a young Black man in America. I don’t say that in anger, and I assure you that this isn’t going to be some vitriolic rant.

Unbroken Love

“He mends the brokenhearted and binds up our wounds.” If you are still mending, run to him–He’s waiting to wrap His arms around you.