Kingdom Culture


Whether you’re a lifelong believer or just exploring the Christian faith, this podcast is for you. Together, join Pastor Tim and Pastor Joe as they explore topics like doubt, fear, and uncertainty and how they intersect with our faith in God.

Worship is Not Yours!

Worship was always meant to be the place where you give it ALL back to God and ask Him what He wants.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Building Quieting Capacity

Ally George joins Tennison and Ginelle as they continue their deep drive into joy and quiet. In this episode, they will be talking about building your Quieting Capacity.  Just like you need to build your Joy Capacity building your Quieting Capacity is just as important. 

Morning Prayer

Help me to navigate in this chaotic world with Your peace.

God’s Love

He calls you to come and sit with Him to find rest.


Today I share an easy and powerful tool that tunes you back into God’s presence, where He offers perfect peace. This is something you can do throughout the day to help you de-stress. I think you’ll love it!

The Sword of the Lord

The Lord’s battles are centered around a battle against the spiritual forces that oppose “truth, humility, and justice.”

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Joy – Building Capacity through Faces and Appreciation

We find Joy in the faces of the people around us. The ability to sustain Joy is directly connected to the amount of Joy that is in our ‘Joy Well’  Join Tennison and Ginelle as they pick up their conversation about Joy.  In this episode, they will talk about the finding Joy on the faces of others and Appreciation.  

PASTOR TALK: Faith and Personality

Listen in to the LifePoint pastors as they address tough questions and discuss relevant topics. Join Pastor Joe and Pastor Blake as they talk about how faith and personality come together in the life of the believer.

To Whom Shall We Go

As women of faith, we are called to delve into the depths of Scripture, seeking understanding and guidance.

An Unraveling is Beginning

To remain silent when we know that a corrupting evil is taking place makes us compliant with the evil itself.


In this episode, Tyler Medina talks about the privilege of hosting the presence of God and getting to partner with His Spirit through intercession and travail to see the heart and plans of the Lord made manifest in the earth. 

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Finding His Face in the Darkness

This is part two of living in face-to-face relationship with the Lord. Through an encounter in Exodus 33, I was ushered into a new understanding of the power of His presence in the midst of darkness. I pray this episode will be a blessing to you!

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Joy—Building Capacity

God designed us to live in and out of Joy.  It truly is our natural state of being we have just forgotten.  Join Tennison and Ginelle as they begin a conversation about Joy and answer questions such as; What is Joy?  Why is it so important?  How do we get, keep and refill Joy?  

What’s Your Addiction?

Nothing else satisfies my soul like time spent in His presence reading His love letter that was written just to me!


Can you say you are greatly enjoying your relationship with Jesus? Is He real and precious to you these days? Would you like for your relationship to be sweeter, stronger, and more meaningful? Learn how to practically follow hard after God and how to enjoy Him more today on the blog and the podcast.

Kingdom Bridge

This is a moment right now that God is calling people to get off the road that everybody’s on and pursue His Kingdom.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Living Face-to-Face with God

Recently, I’ve been drawn to an old Don Potter song, “Show me your face, Lord,” and He has recked me in the best possible way. I believe the Lord is inviting us into a lifestyle of living face-to-face. Let’s talk about that today!

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Joy—What is it?

God designed us to live in and out of Joy.  It truly is our natural state of being we have just forgotten.  Join Tennison and Ginelle as they begin a conversation about Joy and answer questions such as; What is Joy?  Why is it so important?  How do we get, keep and refill Joy?  

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: The Wallflower that Bloomed – with Cally Logan

“Significant Women” is a weekly podcast for women to gather with their personal stories, dynamic hope, and wisdom gleaned from the ordinary days of an uncommon life. My guest today is Cally Logan, who is here to remind you that, just like The Wallflower that Bloomed, you too can break free from the shadows and bloom beautifully, embracing your truest self. 


Untethered by the world’s cares.

Real. Life. Together.

How we traverse relational tension inside the church goes a long way when we seek to influence people outside the church.

Un-Numbing the Church

Great suffering is coming, and it can only be interrupted by a Church that is aware and sensitive to what is taking place.


In this episode, Tyler Medina talks about what it means to be the “Bride of Christ,” not simply just in name but also in role, function, and what is ours by way of divine inheritance as believers in Jesus.

NO ONE Is Exempt

Where we have justified wrongdoing because of prophetic anointing or mass appeal, we have been humbled.


Today is an invitation from the Lord to experience a truly transformative encounter. Take this time to rest in God’s loving presence, allowing Him to fill your spirit, soul, and body to overflow with the fullness of Christ.


I’ve really struggled to put into words all that I wanted to say to you today because the last few months have been difficult for me as I’ve been seeking what God wants me to do with the podcast. In this episode I will share what God has been showing me recently, an update of what’s going on with my family and my plans for the future.