Kingdom Culture

Why Should I Go Back to Church?

I might even go so far as to say that the presence indwelling the family is probably the single most important aspect of being a church.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church – Toxic Group Identity

Part 17 – Join Tennison and Ginelle as they discuss some very easy ways that churches and community build their group identity around very toxic and potentially destructive things.  These usually start as a “great way to minister” to a group of people, but if gone unchecked you can begin to identity yourself as your malfunction, (who we are when we are not acting like ourselves.)


Dishes flying! Mouth bypassing the brain on-ramp! Soda cans of emotion randomly exploding! Where did THAT come from?! Join Stephen and Crystal to learn about the power of awareness, where THAT came from, and what to do about it-—so YOU can have the life quality you desire!

Weaponized Morality

So this is where we find ourselves, having crossed the post-Christian cultural tipping point, where our transcendent appreciation of morality is being dragged off to the edge of town, to be thrown on the trash heap.

The Great Omission

He’s the Fountain of living waters. And similar to how He made you to be dependent on water in the natural, He made you to drink of Him on a very regular basis.

Moving Into this New Year Together

It’s important that we commend the grace that each carries and strive towards building each other up in love – as each part does its work!

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church – Shallow Group Identity

Part 16 – In this episode, Tennison and Ginelle will be talking about different ways we try to form strong group identities that are, in reality, very weak and shallow.  These group identities have missed the mark on who we should be identifying with and do not help us transform into who God has designed us to be.

Preaching to the Choir

Voices in the choir are beginning to sing out of tune with the prepared sheet music of the past.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Worshiping Through Tragedy – with Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent stepped away from the spotlight to heal after the tragic death of her husband and childhood sweetheart while on a missions trip. That day would change the world forever. That day changed Tammy forever. Tune in for Tammy’s amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in a hopeless situation.

Focus for 2022

Establish His kingdom in your home and family first then take it to the world.