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I’m In Love

I don’t need someone to fulfill the spot of a “better half” because Your presence provides contentment and satisfying adoration.

Be Joyful Now: Joy on Layaway Part 2

The funny thing is joy isn’t even the point. Jesus is the point. Focus on Jesus, and joy will come. I doubt you can be focused on Jesus and not have joy.

What is Love: Sacrificing

Love is not about being showered with pink-and-red-and-white everything; it’s about giving more than you receive every day of the year.

Don’t Trade The Real Things

God is love. His love is jealous for us, for our devotion to Him. He is relentless in His loving pursuit of our hearts. And He won’t take a fake, shallow love in place of the real thing.  

Carefree in Him

We are called to ride through life not holding on with white knuckles, eyes closed, and full of fear, but instead to ride with eyes wide open, legs swinging, and full of joy!

Terms of Endearment

When Abba called me “Charismata,” it was loaded with rounds of love ammo aimed at all those lies deeply embedded in my heart.

I Was Never the Quarterback

Schools highlight quarterbacks to represent athleticism, but He never limits His superstars. God wants all of us out on the field wearing His jersey so that His glory, His creativity can be seen.

Missing the Bigger Picture

Here’s the good news, though: Going back, trying again, and making things right teaches us lessons we may not learn otherwise.