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The Train is Coming

Those who are in Covenant with Me are about to experience a realm of My Glory that they have never experienced before.

I Am Resolved

If we are followers of Christ and true believers, we don’t need resolutions. All we need to do is follow Him.

God’s Got You

When we don’t have a clear and correct view of God, we cannot live the way God designed us to live.

I Struggle

I usually beat myself up for my “wayward” moments.

The Rise of the Machines

Sometimes, God’s people are called on to enforce a promise, instead of just sitting back and wondering what went wrong.

Overcoming the World

For a Christian, overcoming the world begins when you love your neighbor as yourself.

Spiritual Shift in Society

Many will continue to be outraged by the culture of heaven being displayed as it clashes with every ideal they’ve sworn on for life.

The Ground-Level Gospel

All of our witnessing is in vain if we do not come to the point where we actually make them an offer to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.