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Providing a Platform for Christian Creatives and Ministries

It is Kingdom Winds’ mission to provide a platform for Christian creatives and ministries to come together with a growing community seeking the content and inspiration they offer. Central to this mission is in the online space, but our platform extends well beyond the digital realm.

Kingdom Winds events are an important way for us to achieve our mission as well as broaden reach and impact. Accordingly, hosting events is a key tenet and core competency of the Kingdom Winds enterprise. Events are an important means to provide a stage for collective members, deliver inspirational and enriching content, bring together community, and advance the Kingdom!


Kingdom-Focused Event and Promotion Management

Considering that managing events and promotions is fundamental to what we do, extending our capabilities to others offers a natural multiplier to flourish in our mission. Organizing and hosting events can be a daunting task, particularly when you have never done it before or are already stretched pursuing your core objectives. We can help make order out of what can sometimes feel like chaos.

If you are considering or already planning an event, Kingdom Winds stands ready to assist you with everything from planning to organizing to hosting. And, as the Kingdom Winds Collective grows, so will our ability to connect you with a talented pool of speakers, musicians, artists, and professionals to enrich your event.

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