After a Year of Silence

But a sense of pride developed in my privacy. The turtle shell became safe because it protected me from the world’s rejection. I didn’t need to worry about the number of likes because there wasn’t a photo there at all.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

We all want to know why only the good die young or why in the world wonderful, kind people find themselves in tragedy while the rotten, selfish folks continue on their merry way.

A Rapture Study

The Bible describes this moment as a minuscule amount of time; He disappears as soon as He appears and takes us with Him.

Invisible Afflictions

If you can remember that someone’s mental health is just as important and relevant as your physical health, you’re already helping more than you know.

Air Conditioners and God’s Attributes

When my air conditioning stopped working, if I would have stopped for even two minutes and thought about God’s attributes – who God really is – would I have worried about the situation so much?

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There are seasons (both in the natural and Netflix realm) that seem like they drag. There are days when I crave an episode guide, an IMDB page, and a concrete answer from the Lord. But if there is something “God is doing right now,” then He knows better than to hand me a syllabus.