Missing the Bigger Picture

Here’s the good news, though: Going back, trying again, and making things right teaches us lessons we may not learn otherwise.

The Narrow Path

I can’t help but view the path of righteousness like that beam. It’s narrow. It’s intimidatingly high. And it’s long.

Is Love the Simple Answer?

Is love the answer to it all? Is it possible to just love away racism and prejudice, injustice and oppression, bigotry and apathy? Or does love call for more than just kindness and compassion?

10 Years of Marriage

The hurricanes throughout our marriage have shown us that we are very capable of bending without breaking as trees do in powerful storms.

Advocating Pro-Life on a Sidewalk

They stand determinedly outside the facility and wave to incoming drivers, praying for an opportunity to share loving, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

Breathe – Women’s Retreat 2019

From the beginning of time, the breath of God has sustained us. He calls us to come up to a higher place with Him. He changes our vantage point, brings us into the rhythms of His rest, and creates a space for us to breathe with Him. Come away with us to the mountains and […]