God’s Comment

The Lord is going to comment on a lot of things in this season and His comment will have an exclamation point put at the end of it.

The Church Will Be Dead or Alive

For those houses of God that have taken the time to dig deep and sanctify themselves, they will lead the way into this Kingdom Age. 

Finding God in the Wilderness

We may go through a wilderness that makes us doubt, but if our foundation is Jesus, our questions will always lead us back to the truth.

Battering Ram Prayer

Continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Freedom from the Father Wound

Forgiveness looks different in different situations, but it is always characterized by the ability to make peace with your pain and surrender the offender to God.

From Hurt to Healed

Getting hurt in the church is common but staying hurt is not the Jesus’ way.

Becoming Useful to God

Through his work and the Moody Center, James Spencer recognized the character of D.L. Moody as a man who followed Christ.

Marvelous May

Mighty ones, take back your song, release your new sound, it is time to celebrate the marvelous wonders of our God.

Hot Mess – Holy MESSage

Having delved deeply into God’s redemptive grace and continually receiving the truth of her new identity in Christ, Speas unashamedly boasts in her weaknesses.