Where Is Christmas?

Christmas is found in the extraordinary and eternal love that God has for His children.

Breaking In

If you want to break into all God has for you, it is crucial for you to allow the Lord to direct every step you take and listen for His Spirit to lead and guide you.

He Knows Your Name 

Of all the issues you are facing in the natural and spiritual- place it all in His hands. 

Through the Curtain

“I tore The Curtain that you might have immediate, personal, intimate access to Me!” says The LORD.


The Lord wants to reignite the passion and fire of your first love in this season so that He can use you to impact others for the Kingdom of God.

Tough Times

Tough times offer us an opportunity for our faith and compassion to be seen in their rawest and most beautiful expression.

The Lights are Turning On

Things that have been hidden in darkness for years are being exposed as the Light comes on and the darkness retreats.

The Birthing Room

These babies have been forged in the fire, and they were dripping with the anointing of Heaven!

Shadow Boxing

The temptation is always to trust our own understanding — to assume we know more than we are actually capable of knowing.

New Beginnings

Jesus wants to heal and repair areas in your life that need to be restored and rebuilt.

Where Freedom Reigns

If revival and reformation are to take place, those of us who follow Jesus Christ must first deal with the condition of our hearts and our houses of worship before attempting to change a nation.