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Having delved deeply into God’s redemptive grace and continually receiving the truth of her new identity in Christ, Speas unashamedly boasts in her weaknesses.

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“Why do we paint our biblical heroes more heroically than the Bible does? Hiding the truth of our heroes robs us of grace. That’s why the Bible doesn’t hide them.” That’s why Leslie Speas, author of Confessions of a Hot Mess–From Mess to MESSage, doesn’t hide hers either. 

Samuel Williams’ words reveal our desire to paint a pristine picture of the people we look up to, even within the Bible. The problem is there is nothing “spotless” about humanity. We make mistakes. We sin. We ALL fall short!

Far from deeming herself a hero by any stretch, as a self-proclaimed “hot mess,” in Confessions of a Hot Mess, Speas reveals there is a message in her mess. It is a message of grace experienced in weaknesses and practical truths learned–positioning her life (and ours) to thrive despite mistakes. 

In this way, her “hot mess” turned into a holy MESSage. 

According to the urban dictionary, a “hot mess” is “When someone’s thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray, but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.” We can argue that it is this “undeniable” beauty God finds in His creation (whose thoughts and actions are often “in a state of disarray”).

It is this beauty found in those made in His image which compelled our God to:

pursue Abraham, a former idol worshiper; 

promote Joseph, a self-centered dreamer; 

protect David, a murdering adulterer; 

provide purpose to Paul, a persecuting Christian killer. 

Also, it is our “hot mess” beauty that urged Him to send His Son in human likeness to redeem our mess–if we so choose. Ultimately, Jesus created the greatest message from the sin “mess” He bore on our behalf–the Gospel MESSage of redemption. 

Our “hot mess” became His holy MESSage to humanity!. 

Having delved deeply into God’s redemptive grace and continually receiving the truth of her new identity in Christ, Speas unashamedly boasts in her weaknesses. Her confessions involve her search for identity, taming her thoughts, avoiding temptation, and so much more. Yet, far from castigating herself with criticism, her compassionate and refreshing transparency in Confessions of a Hot Mess highlights the message behind her “hot mess” in hopes that her experience will inform and inspire you to look beyond your own mess–to grace— the message of God’s transforming grace.

It’s time to release shame, confess the mess, and receive the “MESSage” God so longs to convey through it all. Leslie Speas models just how in Confessions of a Hot Mess, inviting you to not only glean from the MESSages she’s learned along the way but also allow your “mess” to speak a MESSage straight from God to your heart. Who says a “hot mess” can’t morph into a “holy MESSage” for the world? Certainly, the Bible at its core communicates it can! Confessions of a Hot Mess convinces us it can. So grab your “confessional” copy today to see how your “mess” can turn into a holy MESSage too!


“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).



Written by Marissa Aulick

Featured Image by Brenda Johnson from Pixabay


—From Mess to MESSage

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