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Tear Down and Build Up

Call for righteous men and women to be placed in positions of power that have been corrupted by the politics of greed.

Race at Its Best

We seem to have lost our way in the midst of interracial squabbling and settling scores.

Two Recent Words From the Lord

For those who have been paying attention and listening to Holy Spirit’s gentle nudges in recent years, you will find that He’s been giving you what you need.

Overdue Victories

If you will welcome the correction and pruning of the Lord, then you will live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

The Warfare is Breaking

I see personal encounters and visitations as Jesus himself is showing up in the midst of your warfare.

Getting Serious

Prophets represent the voice of God, and that voice must be as pure as humanely possible, even to the point of rejection by all but the Lord. 

The Mower Cometh

The law does little to change the human heart. The things that lie hidden, lie hidden still.  

Locking the Door to Fear

At some point, having done all we can to create a buffer against evil, we must place our trust in God, or our joy will be robbed.