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When I Said “No” To God

I realized I was asking God for His blessings in my life and telling Him, “No, I don’t want that!” at the same time!

“What are you trying to prove?”

So why yes, man at Costco, I am trying to prove something to this world. My children are proof that God’s ways are good. That He is multigenerational.

She is Pregnant and I am Not

Because I pray. In fact, I have eaten more carpet fibers at the altar while praying, yet I am still waiting…. waiting for my breakthrough…my miracle.

You Can Hear God’s Voice

No matter how a prophecy plays out, at a minimum, it must always lead people toward Jesus and His ways.

Peter, Get Out of the Boat!

Don’t you know who this Jesus is? “Get out of the boat!” Step out onto those waves in faith and don’t you dare take your eyes off of Jesus.

Emotional Intimacy Gone Too Far

Just like we put up boundaries in dating to protect the sanctity of sex, we must be intentional with setting parameters around the heart.