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How does God move throughout time, His creation? What can we learn about God’s sovereignty in how He uses time to move in this world? Let’s explore.

There Are Places That Our Good Shepherd Leads Us

The Lord, my perfect Shepherd, who’s there with me and leads me through the rough terrain, is the only one who knows how to take me to places where I can find the rest and refreshment I need.

The Eternity of God

God is able to see the future, not because He can foresee it but because He has already lived in it—just as He is living in the present, just as He has lived in the past.

The Life of David Part VII: Fatherhood

David was a much better king than he was a father. Many men who are great at their jobs or in church work fail to lead the next generation of their family

Interview With A Zombie

Call me a zombie, the undead, the living, the whatever! But in my life, before all of this, I have never felt so alive.

Is That One Mine or Yours? Guardian Angels

I have had to scratch my head in confusion when it comes to individual guardian angels and the idea that each person has an angel of his or her own. Does Scripture really talk about that?

Hope Exists Despite Unhopeful People

Life isn’t the easiest thing to navigate, and we’re all intermingled in a web of struggle, chaos, and confusion — that is until we look for the hope hiding just a little farther into the maze.

Growing Up as a PK and How it Impacts Life

Growing up as a pastor’s child was obviously not easy, and I can imagine that many PKs today face some of the same issues. Respect, dignity, and love are what we owe each and every human being that our heavenly Father took the time to create.

View From The Mountaintop

I had seen this view before, but today something was different. Today it was more beautiful and breathtaking as the seed of grace blossomed in my soul. Today the view from the mountaintop was where God met me. Right there, in the same spot I had been before, He unveiled my eyes to see the reality of my life as a young 16-year-old mother-to-be and what He was asking me to do.