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He Is With You!

There are times that my soul (feelings/thoughts) try to take control and I have to speak to it and remind it to trust in the Lord.

The Eagle and the Snake

At a precise altitude, the eagle dropped the snake to the Earth crushing it to death and destroying its plans.

Dealing with Discouragement

Don’t give discouragement the pleasure of pressing “pause” on your ability to minister or on your deep desire to encourage others.

The Golden Wick Trimmers!

Many of these Smoldering Wicks of the Wicked are smoldering because (in their Perceptions) God has let them down.

Intoxicated Church

What if the Church radically gave every dollar it would have spent on alcohol over the seven-day period toward missions, orphans, widows, or addiction ministries?

Be the One

Be the one who is molded and shaped by the presence of God.

The Laboring Remnant

As we labor together there is a oneness being produced and a spiritual rhythm on earth that is synchronized to the purposes of heaven.

Signal and Noise

We need to learn how to understand data if we want to use it well.