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Hanging Out On Friday

Listening to difficult questions about the future feels a lot like that Saturday. Some days, it is tough to remember that on Sunday Jesus wins.

An Unlikely Intent: The Unexpected Welcome

We followed Jesus into Jerusalem, and a crowd began to form on either side of the street. The crowds were larger than usual since people had come to Jerusalem to prepare for Passover.

Enjoy the Run

Pressure on every side; keep running. You may lose people along the way; keep running. You are almost at the finish line; keep running.

Why is a Sacrifice Needed?

The usual view of God is that He is an “all-powerful” deity that can do anything. This includes forgiving sins. So then why is a sacrifice needed in the Bible to do this very thing?

Our House on Wheels

As the crazy idea evolved, we began our research. RV shopping became a bit of a pastime for us and the kids.

Daily Quiet Time

Surrounded by mountains and creeks, I began to find a special peace doing things like sitting on my back porch to watch a sunset. I started going on hikes on Saturday mornings, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. These were ways for me not only to escape my newfound concerns and anxieties but also confront them more calmly.

Jesus Loves to Feed His People

Jesus is the source, the miracle worker, the supplier, the multiplier. He satisfies our hunger in many different ways, and He gives in abundance.