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Shadow Boxing

The temptation is always to trust our own understanding — to assume we know more than we are actually capable of knowing.

New Beginnings

Jesus wants to heal and repair areas in your life that need to be restored and rebuilt.

Where Freedom Reigns

If revival and reformation are to take place, those of us who follow Jesus Christ must first deal with the condition of our hearts and our houses of worship before attempting to change a nation.

God is Putting Wheels on Dreams

There is an acceleration in the Spirit, and as the people of God are faithful to steward what He has given them, more will be added.

Healings or Miracles

Our inheritance is health and prosperity in our souls that will cause our physical bodies to prosper at the same time.

Interrupted Plans

Suddenly, a rushing wind from Heaven interrupted the meeting, and the power of God fell on all in attendance.

Silencing of the Bride

We must speak the truth in love, and we must not give in to fear and confusion being poured out by the enemy!

On Offensive Theology

The most staid, logical person will suffer IQ reduction when emotions get involved.  

Trust Amid Transition

Transitions can feel out of control because they can be intense as we step into the unknown.

Delays and Distractions

Shift your gaze to the Lord and let your faith rise as you remember and contend for every promise.

5783: The Year to Speak 

I always sow where my Spirit will reap the reward, for my name is great and will be seen all throughout the land.