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The Power of the Spoken Word!

His Word (even when it is spoken by me) carries His Creative and Life-Giving Power upon it even when comes out of my mouth.

Are You Worth Your Salt?

Instead of always looking to our natural news headlines, why don’t we ask God what His headlines are for the day?

You’re Never Alone

Only by the navigational abilities of a close-knit relationship with Holy Spirit and Jesus can we really properly traverse the unknowns that He is calling us out into.

New Season

In this season, more than ever before, it will be obvious who is walking closely with the Lord and who is not.

Greater Is He!

Do not become weary or discouraged by what your eyes see; not about your life or about what man is doing.

Look Up

This is not a season to get caught in the doom and gloom that appears to be looming in the natural.

Cancel Culture is Canceled!

While the enemy is attempting to undermine the truth, God has been creating a deep hunger in this generation for the truth!

Christian Healing: Biblical Foundations

It should be clear from the most basic reading of the Old Testament prophecies that healing was part of the atonement of the Messiah, because as sin is dealt with, so are its effects.