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New Information Validates How We are Being Scammed About COVID-19

OPINION – As the media continues to ramp up the volume and tempo of its Coronavirus fear-mongering, governors and mayors have stepped up restrictions and lockdowns. The latest talking point narrative centers on the perceived spike of new COVID cases. Ironically, on Independence Day—a national holiday meant to celebrate our nation’s freedom and liberties—much of […]

On the Streets Of Your City

Like a “shot heard around the world,” what begins as a protest of unrest and injustice leads to the greatest outpouring.

You Will Not Steal My Joy!

We, however, can live joyful lives even in the midst of not-so-perfect situations. We can reject the whispers and times we are tempted to dwell on those things that bring us down.

What the World Needs Now

We need to get over ourselves and learn to love others despite the differences. We need to learn to love even when it costs us something.