KINGDOM CORNER: Loving and Leading Well

Remember the ways of Jesus.

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Loving well and leading well both are predicated on living well.

Living out Kingdom principles through and through.

Being the same with those in your house and those outside, those who can help you and those who are hurting you, those of high stature and those with low stature, those for a moment and those for a lifetime.

As you are the same with everyone and always walking in lock step with Me, you will love well and you will lead well.

Jesus led by teaching the Kingdom in His words and His ways.

He served all equally, the poor, the crippled, the rulers, the gentiles.

All who had faith and sought Him were received with grace.

He sought to serve but also remembered to get filled up by spending time with Me.

Remember the ways of Jesus. He will guide your love and leadership walk by example and inner leading. 



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