God is Moving: Sharing Our Miracle Moment

Although things seem bleak in the natural, I believe that God’s glory is about to light up the darkness.

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To say that we are living in dark times is an understatement. The enemy seems to be encroaching everywhere. Perhaps the veil is simply being pulled back to expose what has been hidden for a long-time, but evil and wickedness permeate every mountain of our society.

Although things seem bleak in the natural, I believe that God’s glory is about to light up the darkness. I believe that signs and wonders will increasingly foreshadow and provide evidence of this coming glory.

To encourage you in the midst of the growing darkness, I would like to share a testimony of a miracle that my wife, Beth, and I recently experienced.

This miracle happened a couple of months ago—and quite honestly it was so astonishing that neither my wife nor I seemed to even have the grid to process what we experienced. We both seemed to vacillate back and forth between thankfulness and bewilderment, but we were so dumbfounded that we barely spoke about it the rest of the night.

It was actually a day later when I finally forced us to discuss and process what had happened. We shared what we saw and what we experienced, validating the miracle that had taken place. Upon finally having confronted the elephant in the room, and although we had both offered it individually in prayer, we felt moved to once again lift up praise and thanksgiving to our merciful Father together at that moment.

The few times that I had attempted to share it with others, both the night it happened, and then a few days later, the reaction was silence. It was unclear whether others couldn’t grasp what I was saying or if they were thinking that “this guy is nuts” or that “he’s embellishing” or that he must be suffering from side effects of the jab.

Of course, my wife and I both know that it was not any of the above…and especially the last one as that will never happen! Everyone’s radio silence caused me to clam up and stop sharing the testimony.

That changed a couple of nights ago when Mario Murillo delivered a powerful message at the Open the Heavens Conference hosted by Pastors and Prophets Hank and Brenda Kunneman. In his message, Mario reminded everyone that the great works God does for us is not our own testimony—but rather it is His testimony!

I immediately felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that I needed to share this miracle testimony. In some ways, it may seem small and relatively inconsequential to many, but not if you step back to see that God has not abandoned us, He has our backs even in the small stuff, and that He truly is the God of the impossible.

This was not a parting of the Red Sea moment (as many of us have been praying for day after day), but it was a miracle in no uncertain terms. We were saved from calamity and hardship in many obvious ways—and perhaps in even greater ways unforeseen. Who knows, maybe I shouldn’t even be able to share this story?

The Back Story

In mid-July, Beth and I were invited to attend a leadership luncheon before a worship and prayer event hosted by the Embassy of Zion in Charlotte, North Carolina. We made the trek from Greenville, South Carolina to spend the day with them.

At the event, the Embassy of Zion directors mentioned another event they just scheduled in a few days intended to break curses and release glory upon South Carolina. Although the event was a couple of hours away, and it was a bit challenging for us to devote another day, we felt compelled to support their ministry and sow into our state.

We set out for the event, making the drive in our brand new car. We had decided to purchase this car after Beth totaled her car and then we incurred over $10,000 of repairs on my car immediately after its warranty expired. I love our new car and it has been a true blessing.

The Miracle

Our drive took us on a familiar route towards Columbia, but then we hung a right through an unfamiliar area. At one point, we came to a stop at an extraordinarily wide intersection as the traffic light turned red.

As the light cycled through, a green arrow alit for the left turning lanes beside and ahead of us to proceed through the intersection. As those lights turned red, our light turned green and I proceeded to drive across the very wide intersection.

As we got halfway through the intersection, a black Crown Victoria (that appeared to have been a police cruiser in a previous life) came flying down the opposing left turning lane and veered directly towards us. Although it would have seemed that the driver could have adjusted the car’s direction to avoid us, he inexplicably did not slow or change course.

I yelled out “what the heck” in disbelief that the car was continuing to speed directly towards us like a heat-seeking missile as I slammed on the brakes and violently steered away in an attempt to somehow lessen the impact. Instinctively, my head dropped down and I clenched my eyes closed as the Crown Victoria crashed into us. The last thing that I saw at that moment was the windshield of the other car within inches of our windshield.

As my head bounced back up with our car’s abrupt and violent stop, my eyes opened back up. In a split second of blinking my eyes, the car was gone. I yelled out, “where did he go? I can’t believe that he’s going to crash into us and drive off!”

I looked to the left side and there was no sign of the car. I glanced in the rearview mirror and I saw the black Crown Victoria speeding down the street behind us.

Then I thought, “how’s that possible? How could he have backed up and then driven 50 yards in a split second?”

Beth broke my thoughts saying, “We should pull out of the intersection.”

“Do you think the car is drivable?” I replied.

As she said, “I think so,” I realized that the front of our car appeared to be intact.

I drove up the street about 100 feet and turned into a parking lot. Still foggy and mystified, I reluctantly got out of the car to inspect the damage.

To my astonishment, not only was the car not smashed, I could not even spot a scratch. I kept scanning the vehicle, almost afraid that if I lingered too long that I would spot some major damage.

Beth summoned me back into the car saying that we needed to get to the event. We both remained silent. I was still trying to process what had just happened and assumed that she was doing the same.

We spent a few hours at the event and another two hours in the car on the drive home—and still barely talked about what had happened. I wanted to “compare notes,” but still shaken by our earlier “accident,” Beth preferred to avoid that distraction as cars aggressively maneuvered around us on the highway. She said, “let’s just get home safely.”

The next day, I finally found the right moment to ask Beth to describe what she experienced. She talked about seeing the other car’s windshield just inches from our windshield, but she also had no ability to explain how it was that our car was not smashed or how the other car suddenly disappeared.

To this day, we have no way to explain it other than that we experienced a miracle. God not only protected us from physical and financial injury, He seemingly undid a calamity in the blink of an eye. It was as if He was signaling, “I’m not going to let the enemy take away a blessing from Me or allow you to be derailed in doing My work.”

Lighting Up the Darkness

Despite growing darkness in the world, including a rapid acceleration here in this nation, many are reporting an increase in the supernatural. Mario Murillo has been reporting miracle healings and restorations from his tent crusades over the past year. He is seeing the Spirit of God move across entire regions in a very powerful way, unlike anything that he has ever seen before.

Testimonies such as ours are beginning to proliferate. Things are occurring that would otherwise be impossible…but for God. It might come in the form of a disappearing black Crown Victoria or a miracle healing or the dominoes of a fraudulent election starting to fall.

As we wait for that Red Sea moment, we all need to be encouraged by the expanding testimonies of God’s power and goodness. I believe these miracles, signs, and wonders are just the beginning and foreshadow a mighty move on the horizon.

Take heart. Take courage. Look up. Share your testimonies. Pray. Step into what God is calling you to do in this season to align with heaven. Expect the unexpected and witness the impossible be made possible as God releases His glory!

And, is there something about that Crown Victoria? Were those God’s fingerprints? The name “Victoria” means victory or conqueror. Is the crowned King about to conquer and bring forth a miraculous victory?


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