Podcast Hosts

LET’S WALK IT OUT: Believing is Key: Keyanna Irby’s Story

Keyanna Irby tells her story of God’s redemption from the hardship she experienced from the time she was born until the moment she found God on her apartment floor in college. You will be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to trust God with your current situation and step into the next season of your life with purpose.  

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Gift of Resiliency

When circumstances in this world become so overwhelming that we find ourselves living out a “new normal,” keeping our eyes fixed on God can help us open the gift of resiliency. Tune in as Denise shares six reminders of our resiliency in Christ.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: How to Be Used by God – with Lisa Whittle

Episode #109 – In a world riddled with hard things, how can life be good? When bestselling author and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle lost her beloved father in 2017, she found herself wondering the same question and beginning her journey of the hard good.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Burning Worship with Paul McRae

Episode #9 – Paul McRae is a worship artist, spiritual leader, and man burning for God. His music carries a sound like no other! Today, you’ll get a taste of his music from his latest album. You’ll also hear about his vision and plans for sharing the Gospel through music.

LIV2DAY: Created to Work

God created us to work. Shocker? Well, it’s true. So are you ready to collaborate in work with the almighty? Imagine the possibilities available for you when you completely trust him…when you desire to collaborate with him.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Beautifully Broken with Eric Welch

On today’s podcast, I chat with my friend, Eric Welch, director of the new movie, Beautifully Broken. Eric and I talk about some personal stories of brokenness, the beauty of standing in the midst of trials, and of course … the movie.

ALONG THE WAY: The Road Isn’t Over! – with Jon Shaffer

Jon Shaffer thought the only way he would survive to be 21 was if he was safely in a jail cell. After that self-fulfilling prophecy, Jesus changed his life, gave him a purpose, and called him back to impact his old “Hood” for the Kingdom.

LIV2DAY: Defending Your Faith

In this episode, Dr. Paula offers suggestions on how to share your faith and why it’s important, especially in today’s times, where Christians are facing persecution in unexpected ways and places. If Christ already paid the price for your life on the cross, what can you have to lose that has any lasting value? Nothing.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Victory Stories – Rest Stop Ministries

Episode #121 – This is PART III of our series on Human Trafficking! Our goal is to help educate and equip you on how you can respond to this tragedy. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the reality of what’s happening in our own communities and around the world.


Join us on the podcast today as we share the truth about married sex and all the reasons to be having it. We’re also including some pretty astounding stats on porn that you need to hear!

MOVING ON: I Get My Way, and You Get Yours

Episode #15 – My favorite thing we discussed in this episode was how we walked through a situation that has caused an ugly fight between us 100% of the time, and THIS time it DID NOT. We break it down like a game-tape!

BLACK AND WHITE: Choosing Gratitude – Provision

Episode #93 – Are you truly grateful for what God has provided? God’s provision is an undeserved gift, not a right. If you need a fresh dose of gratitude, listen to this refreshing episode and learn how we can be grateful for God’s provision.

DAD HACKERS: The Entrepreneurial Family Man

Episode #36 – Whether it’s in your personal life, career, or family you want to make a move on your vision for life, but often there are things holding you back from doing what you know you are meant to do.