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THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Quitting Your Job (Being Your Own Boss Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be)

Episode # – It’s all the rage to quit your day job and be your own boss but it’s not all it’s cracked to be.  Justin talks about making the mental shift,  going out on your own to start your own business, and finally quitting his ‘day job’ 14 months later.  It may seem glamorous to be your own boss but Justin and Meredith are talking openly about fear, knowing when it’s time, and everything about entrepreneurship that doesn’t make the highlight reel.  

DAD HACKERS: Rough Cut Men with David Dusek

Episode #26 – In this episode founder of Rough Cut Men Ministry, David Dusek and I talk about why is it so important for men to begin engaging with other men at a gut level, the importance of accountability, and why men are specifically targeted by the devil.

The Sky-Level Gospel

This method uses the full story of scripture to lay out God’s beautiful, original plan; the problem of sin in humanity, and the reason for which Christ came into the world.

DARE 2 HEAR: Dreaming in Times of Dragons

I love to read a good fiction book, but I have never had the opportunity to interview a fiction author on my podcast. This book is not written as a preachy gospel message, but it does indeed have a strong spiritual message throughout.  It is the perfect book to purchase for the pre-believer or believer. 

MIMIKA TV: How to Activate your Seer Gift with Ana Werner

Ana Werner says that God is always speaking, but we are not always listening. The Seer anointing gift becomes more accessible when we take the time to develop it with God. With every gift God gives us, He expects us to train in it, just like you would exercise a muscle.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Before You Were Born – The Sanctity of Life

Episode 40 – God knew you before you were born. He created you on purpose, and with purpose. Angela Donadio shares a timely and poignant message of truth, healing, and hope, for anyone living in the shadow of abortion, and for those seeking a Biblical perspective on the sanctity of life. God is not neutral nor is He silent when it comes to the silent cry of the unborn. God stands on the side of life – and as His followers, so should we.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Keys To Transition Well

I love freedom coaching because I get to help people process their own responses to outside stressors and learn to be the person God created them to be. I find this topic … learning to reconcile well, is key to having healthy relationships. We aren’t taught how to do this in school and we often learn bad habits from our family of origin. Unknowingly, we develop patterns of communication that keep us from having the relationships we desire.

ALONG THE WAY: They Lied To Us with Victoria Robinson

Episode #72 – When Victoria Robinson realized that she was pregnant again she thought that she couldn’t handle another child so she decided to have an abortion. The physical, emotional, and spiritual wound from that broke her inside. In this conversation, she shares how God brought people into her life that helped her find forgiveness, hope, and healing. Now, she is a pro-life advocate, promoter, and author of the best selling book “The Lied To Us”


Episode #116 – In EP 116 of Real Victory Radio join your hosts, Amy Elaine and LaTan as we take a little stroll through Emerald Isle, NC (virtually, of course) with our special guests, Glenn and Heather Lamp of Day Five Art Gallery! They are sharing a beautiful story of realignment and renewal!

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Discerning Triggers with Roger Coles

Episode 24 – Roger Coles has been in ministry most of his adult life, including being a Youth Pastor. Now as a graphic designer, he helps churches and entrepreneurs be successful in the social media age. In this episode, we discuss his journey as a Christian as well and talk about the youth of today and how churches can better engage in social media in 2020 and beyond.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Mothering Wisdom from The Bible

In Episode 10 of The Joy of Motherhood, Carol teaches us points of wisdom found in a story about a Mother and a Son in the Bible. She also answers a listener’s question about raising your kids differently than family members do and how to handle that.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Differing Definitions of “Now”

Episode #3 – We assumed our definition of “now” was the same.  But mine meant “right now” & his meant “in 5 minutes,” so what do you do when you operate from different definitions? Do you change them, merge them, or compromise?

DAD HACKERS: Next-Level Life with Chris LoCurto

Episode #25 – Do you feel that you are capable of so much more, but are not living up to the person God designed you to be? What does the best version of yourself look like? Chris LoCurto joins us today to talk about the Next-Level Life and gives us a glimpse into why people are often stuck in life and then shares a few action steps we can take to begin moving toward becoming the best version of ourselves.