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TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Building Quieting Capacity

Ally George joins Tennison and Ginelle as they continue their deep drive into joy and quiet. In this episode, they will be talking about building your Quieting Capacity.  Just like you need to build your Joy Capacity building your Quieting Capacity is just as important. 

Where’s Your Joy?

God doesn’t expect us to have joy in response to the trials themselves, but in knowing the outcome.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Healing From Abuse and Identity Struggles – with Kat Vazquez

“Significant Women” is a weekly podcast for women to gather with their personal stories, dynamic hope, and wisdom gleaned from the ordinary days of an uncommon life. Our goal is to simply encourage women in every season of life that their story matters; when Jesus is involved in the details, every woman’s life can be a significant representation of all that He is. 

Are You Fencing Out Your Spouse?

Instead of jumping into defensive mode, drop your defenses and trust God to bind your marital wounds. He’s never failed me when I’ve given it over to Him.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Joy – Building Capacity through Faces and Appreciation

We find Joy in the faces of the people around us. The ability to sustain Joy is directly connected to the amount of Joy that is in our ‘Joy Well’  Join Tennison and Ginelle as they pick up their conversation about Joy.  In this episode, they will talk about the finding Joy on the faces of others and Appreciation.  

LIV2DAY: Don’t Miss the Message in the Mess

Are you feeling that there are “messes” all around you? In the world, in relationships, at home? Dr. Paula shares what “messes” she is experiencing and how taking a step back, seeking God’s clear MESSAGE in the midst of a “mess,” is really a way to find a gift in it all.

Freedom from the Father Wound

Forgiveness looks different in different situations, but it is always characterized by the ability to make peace with your pain and surrender the offender to God.