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After a loving friend shared her own abortion story, Shaw took the first bold steps out of hiding.

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Do you walk through life appearing whole while one choice has left your soul shattered? Have you accepted God’s forgiveness, yet you find it hard to forgive yourself? Do you long to come out of hiding, and confront the thoughts and emotions attached to your choice, but you don’t know where to start? 

Tori Shaw, author of Free Indeed can relate. Her pain impacted nearly every part of her life. She learned the hard way that accepting God’s forgiveness after an abortion and embracing the healing He offers were two very different things. She remained consumed with heartache surrounding her choice, despite knowing she was forgiven. 

Eventually, she realized, however, that healing would be a journey–one she was finally willing to face courageously. She invites you to do the same.

After a loving friend shared her own abortion story, Shaw took the first bold steps out of hiding. It was then that her healing began, inviting God into her wounded heart. Eventually, her healing morphed into a message–a Free Indeed message for other women plagued with lies and distress feelings following abortion.   

In Free Indeed,  Shaw paves the way for women like yourself to begin walking in true freedom. Reverberating through the pages of her compassionate workbook is an invitation to experience the healing and freedom she once never imagined existed:

  •  Freedom found in knowing the One who determines your value–not what you’ve done or will do. 
  • Healing that comes from believing you are made new! 
  • Freedom that follows the conviction that the good work God begins within He will sustain, provide for, and complete. 

Shaw encourages you to embrace these truths as the starting point for your liberating journey as it was for hers.  

With deep empathy and profound biblical insights, Shaw invites you on a 10-week interactive healing experience. She inspires you to embrace the biblical truths that will set you free from soul wounds following abortion. So, ladies, it’s time to experience the healing that Jesus has made available to you and know:

If the Son sets you free, you are FREE INDEED! (John 8:36)

The Free Indeed workbook leaves no stone unturned with: 

  • weekly scripture reading; 
  • in-depth questions for reflection;
  • journal writing prompts;  
  • group discussion questions; and 
  • much more.

It will equip you to dismantle lies with truth, be empowered to walk out your freedom, and even comfort others with the healing message you’ve received. Jesus says that if you hold to His teachings, then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:31) With that in mind, Shaw takes women with a past abortion on a well-thought-out excavation of God’s Word, delving deeply into truths she’s mined in her own healing process. This process alone inspires you to apply God’s Word to your life in practical ways to experience the freedom He so graciously gives. 

Tori Shaw reveals in Free Indeed that forgiveness and healing are not only possible; they can be your reality as it has been for her and countless others she’s ministered to throughout the years.

No longer will guilt and shame serve as a ploy to keep you from fulfilling the God-given purpose for your life with joy and peace. No longer will anger and unforgiveness weigh your soul down, keeping you from living life more abundantly. No longer, because… 

If the Son sets you free, you are FREE INDEED! (John 8:36)

It’s time to embrace your freedom. It’s time to walk out your healing. Pick up your copy of Free Indeed. Your soul will be glad you did. Who knows? God may even invite you to partner with Him to see others healed and free. They will be glad you did as well! Grab your copy today. 



Written by Marissa Aulick






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