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A Challenged Church

The five equipping gifts were designed and purposed to bring us to a place of maturity.

Sermon: Love is a Verb

My mind is like a broken record sometimes. When I’ve been wronged, it just keeps playing over and over and over in my mind. I have to continue to forgive.

How to Best Hold Your Broken Heart

Without negating any of the anguish we feel, and truthfully acknowledging our loss and sorrow, we can look up at Him through our tears and, with open hands, offer up what was a gift from Him in the first place.

Sermon: In God We Trust

I don’t know about you, but no matter who is elected to either the presidency or governorship in any election, I am glad that my faith is in God, not humanity. I’d go crazy if my hope was in flawed, sinful, imperfect human beings. 

Lazarus At Your Gate

Loving our family members may, or may not, be filled with obstacles and land mines – but it still remains the most conspicuous place to begin.