Friendship with God

Let Him

We are on the precipice of partnering with the Lord in a move of His Spirit and wonders in the earth like we have never seen before.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Who Do You Say that I Am? (An Encounter)

Right there, in the center of your being, is the Lord. He is in you, and you are in Him. You are the merging of divinity and humanity. You are a new creation in Christ, and you have been created to know and experience Him. Today, I lead you into the Word, and as you engage with it, you will encounter the Lord’s holiness, beauty, love, and reality.

“Who Am I?”

When I entertain the ways I’m inadequate, I’m not believing God is who He says He is.

THE HOPE STREAMS PODCAST: How to Start Hearing from God!

It can be so confusing trying to sort through WHAT is God, your Heavenly Father, saying?! PLUS, others’ expectations and the LOUD world we live in. Here Stephen and Crystal share some great foundational resources to begin hearing from your Heavenly Father for YOURSELF—and how to get confirmation so you KNOW His voice!

The Divine Exchange

For whatever reason, the day felt like a bunch of tiny hurdles I had to make, and I wasn’t hurdling well.


We all want a full life, saturated and overflowing with all God has for us. Today, I unpack what the Lord spoke to my heart for us. He is inviting us into a life so full that we drip with Him wherever we go.

Abide in Him

I encourage you to put all the “Bible Studies” and commentaries away for a while and just read the Holy Scriptures.

Build Your Sanctuary

The Father is inviting the body of Christ to build a sanctuary, a holy place of deep intimacy, an altar of worship, and pure surrender.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Pursuing God’s Perspective

We have looked at how we lost perspective, what the past did to shape our perspective, what is affecting our perspective in the present, what being in Christ should do to our perspective, and now finally what is God’s perspective for us and this world? And how do we pursue His perspective instead of getting trapped in the world’s perspectives? Listen in as Denise explores God’s perspective versus man’s.