Friendship with God

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Choose Brave – Part 1

This month we have been discussing how to be brave and this is so important today when we have been living in a culture that is so filled with fear from COVID. Listen in as Katie Westenberg, author of “I Choose Brave: Embracing Holy Courage and Understanding Godly Fear,” helps us evaluate what godly fear really looks like.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewed with Heather Dixon – Part 2

This month, Denise has been discussing renewing our mindset and we are continuing our discussion on finding hope with author Heather M. Dixon, author of “Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story.” Join us for part two as we discuss the truth that hope is not dependent on anyone else than our faithful, trustworthy God.


I want to surround my husband, children, friends, and yes, even myself with a tone that is set from beautiful Biblical wisdom and not from the things of this earth.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Renewed with Heather Dixon – Part 1

This week to continue the discussion of renewing our mindset, we will turn our attention to a part of mind renewal—finding hope. With me to help do that is my friend Heather M. Dixon, author of the book “Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story.” Listen in as she encourages us that when we are in Christ, there is hope in every circumstance.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Recognizing and Renewing Your Mindset

Our poor minds are being inundated with information at a rate that is faster than we can handle. And this fast-paced world keeps us occupied so much that we don’t take the time to consider how our mind is doing. But we don’t have to stay stuck in attitudes or moods. Recognizing and renewing our mindset is possible!

Occupied with Joy

The secret to strength unto contentment and satisfaction is through Him, and in Him.

Gather at the Table

Gather at the Table today and feast on the Banquet that God has prepared for you.

Root Systems and Rivers

Pregnant with life, free of strife and flowing with peace, the pure River of Life, Jesus – flows within you.

“God! Where Are You?!”

When you feel alone and as if no one cares … go to the One who has promised to be Your constant Companion and your very best Friend.

Triune Transformation

This is the way the triune God works redemption into our lives: cycle-by-cycle bringing us through growth in Relationship-Identity-Destiny, each time adding another layer.