Friendship with God

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Value of Wrinkles – Part 2

The Bible gives great worth to those who are older. But our society does not always recognize the incredible value in those who have gained much wisdom in all their years. Listen in as Denise continues to discuss the importance of relationships with elderly people in our lives with Isabel Tom, author of “The Value of Wrinkles.” 


I AM all that you will ever need. Have you asked me into your heart? Have you come to Me with all your needs?

Original Intent

A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking.

Covenant Love

My Covenant Love is beckoning to you. Will you answer My call?

Not An Orphan

Tell it to my soul and I’ll tell it to the world…I’m not an orphan anymore.

The Sword of the Spirit

“Remember that not only is God’s Word the tool of His judgment, but it was also the tool of creation.”

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Getting Closer to God—Developing an Intimate Walk with God

At our core, we all just want to be known and accepted. Yet we can build walls for fear of rejection. This prevents closeness with others, but we can also build walls with God. We cannot be close to someone we don’t know and we can’t find God if we don’t seek Him. Listen in as we study Psalm 63 and how to be closer to God.

First Love

Will you give Me your life? Will you say it’s Mine?


Episode #84 – This month we have explored being whole and healthy – mentally, physically, emotionally. How are you BEing, friends? Life is not just about doing, but being. As we are restored to being whole, we have an opportunity to live out our lives as a legacy for others to follow. Being in Christ should impact all of our life.
Listen in and learn about how we can live a legacy all for the glory of God.

Reigniting Intimacy: Protecting our Marriage

SD Episode #79 – Marriage—the one relationship we hoped would bring us the most joy can sometimes be a place of pain. But it does not have to be that way. Reigniting intimacy—protecting our marriage helps to restore our marriage to better than we ever hoped. Are you protecting the most important relationship you have?