Friendship with God

Oh, How He Loves Us

We are like those who are running through the streets, searching for the one we love.

The Womb of God

We are in a new season. The season of barrenness is over. The season of birthing is here.  

Enduring Hardship

Nothing is too hard for the Lord to change be it a situation or a person’s heart.

A Friend Named Jesus

There is not one friend that Jesus has who has not been introduced to His expansive and lavish joy.

Don’t Miss the Sunrises

I have a tendency to always be looking to what’s not completely healed, what’s still broken or incomplete.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Heart of the Father – Part 2

As we continue our celebration of Father’s Day, Denise pursues a second week of sharing the impact of a father’s love. Listen in as she shares two profound thoughts on how care and love are demonstrated by fathers through discipline as well as revelation from God’s Word on the topic.