What If We Listened to Prophets?

We need more accounts of where a person or people take to courage and face someone in the wrong, where that wrong person does listen, and they do repent.

Come (Back) Together!

A theological shift took place. The worship service became a ministry to the worshipers themselves and to seekers looking on.

The Church is Now

The Lord’s church is not intended for use as a Hollywood set with velvet ropes and for glamorous shows.

Three Preaching Journeys

This is an element of spiritual leadership; sometimes we go first into spiritual breakthrough, softening the ground and making that breakthrough more accessible to others.

Turning the Corner

Without this turn, we will find ourselves in a “worship land” where the tastes of the “worshipers” form the rules of conduct.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

If there is no personal spiritual relationship between the pastor and music pastor, there is little hope for a public display of God’s power on the platform.

Jumping Ship

This false banner of a lesser love requires a forced unity and conformity.

Don’t Avoid; Unpack

Every evangelistic encounter, even those that don’t go well, has the long-term potential for salvation.

A New Way Forward

A new cadre of prophetic voices will arise to announce an unexpected way forward at this time in our history.

Prophetic Stage Stops

Revelation does not allow us to park at the memories of the past, even if those memories have value in reflection.