A Squirrel Safari

We see what appears to be a “lesser” sin, wink at it, and drive on by.

The Triune Church

The issue is that the world is starting to speak a different sociological language than the church, leaving the church to feel outdated.

The God Collide

In this hour, I believe God is looking for willing sons and daughters of God, full of His word and His spirit, to send forth into all realms of society to bring Heaven to earth.

The Emotional Qualifications for Leadership

Within the church, where leaders are supposed to hold to the word of God with a clear conscience, it is difficult to teach people the truth, when our words and actions do not demonstrate them.

Loyalty to God

When Church leaders assume a dismissive posture on significant social issues we can too easily slip into a place where we relinquish our responsibility to disciple a nation.

4 Principles for Developing Character

After years of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits, it finally became clear
that I needed to stop chasing performance and start getting comfortable with who I am.

Biblical Leadership: Qualifications for Leaders

As we begin to look at the biblical qualification for leadership, pay close attention not only to what is there, but also to what is not there. There is no requirement for a university degree or previous work experience.

Making Decisions, Becoming Disciples

When we can’t or are unable to ask new questions or consider new answers, we limit our field of vision.
In doing so, we run the risk of missing the possibilities God provides…of confusing our partial story of God with one that is complete.