SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Healing From Abuse and Identity Struggles – with Kat Vazquez

“Significant Women” is a weekly podcast for women to gather with their personal stories, dynamic hope, and wisdom gleaned from the ordinary days of an uncommon life. Our goal is to simply encourage women in every season of life that their story matters; when Jesus is involved in the details, every woman’s life can be a significant representation of all that He is. 

Frustration – A Great Deceiver

People have become frustrated by what appears to be an uncaring and callous expression of faith that has replaced a living and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Stand, Lead, Occupy!

God is raising you up, to raise up His standards within the earth! Will you step forward and be His voice?

PASTOR TALK: Mentoring

Join pastors Nathan and Blake as they talk about mentoring and its importance in our lives. Make sure you listen until the end…


Join pastors Tim Ferrara and Blake Wilsford as they talk about passion and purpose.

Where’s Your Voice?

It is time to no longer remain silent. We must be determined to stand up and stand together and say, “enough!”

Greasing the Slide of Deception

Once we become dulled to issues that matter to God and relegate them to a place of insignificance, we begin to slide toward a disempowered form of faith that will no longer challenge the works of hell.

When a Leader Fails

Maybe it would be better to lean in closer to hear what their latest failure taught them to do or not to do. 

Toxic Church Environments

Toxic church environments are hard to navigate and the decisions people have to make regarding those environments are never easy.