Garris Elkins

I’ve Noticed Something

Only a supernatural manifestation of God’s power carries the hope of redemption and resurrection for individual lives and for the wider culture.

Dropping the Reins

Our reins can represent overconfidence in self, our social status, our current level of faith, or what we have in the bank.

We Will All Be Surprised

The signs were given to us to reveal the way forward when life as we know it begins to dismantle. 

A Different Standard

Jesus gave His disciples the standard of the word to use to measure the standard by which they would live and make decisions.

When Outliers Speak

Demeaning the prophetic message of the outliers is rising in popularity today, sadly, even from some pulpits. 

Getting Touchy

The truth is we all have a personal Pharisee living somewhere in our hearts.

A Beautifully Awkward Presence

The Church does her best work when she offers hope and restoration no matter how messy or challenging the process appears.

Running Out of Time

When we fall short of a finish line completely depleted of any remaining hope, a single remaining option is available.

Frustration – A Great Deceiver

People have become frustrated by what appears to be an uncaring and callous expression of faith that has replaced a living and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Potter Without Hands

The fulfillment of a promise is only possible when we submit to the loving pressure of God’s skillful hands.

Left Behind

For those who have yet to meet the Lord, a supernatural God experienced and testified by His followers is what will draw them to faith.

Don’t Believe It

Some of our theology has been diluted by a liberal, revisionist theology that tells us to look away from the Old Testament to craft our worldview.

Walking Through Minefields

There is a way to move through these minefields, not as a guarantee of an explosion-free stroll but to survive a catastrophic impact and come out the other side with our souls still intact.

The Lord Over Chaos

When our efforts to bring about the harvest of the Great Commission have reached the limit of human effort and ability, the Lord will intervene and demonstrate His love and power.

Regime Change

When a transition of leadership begins, God will give unique wisdom to those who are considered wise by God’s definition of wisdom.

Mind the Gap

In all areas of life, we need to wisely mind the gap between what will honor the Lord or bring dishonor to His name.

The Key to Favor

Extending favor to others motivated by a heart of goodwill is a key we carry that has the potential to open doors inaccessible by any other means.

Calling the Shot

God wants His intercessors to call the shot by prophesying into the atmosphere the outcome of their prayers.

When Truth Prevails

For those who view this time of human desperation through the lens of God’s Spirit, this is a time of tremendous opportunity.

This One Thing

One element that will be present in the coming Great Awakening will be a reawakening of the Church to the unchanging nature of God.


Rage wanted to invite me into its folly, but I declined the invitation.