Garris Elkins

Emerging Leaders

These leaders will not use the language and methods of previous generations.

We are Being Prepared

Discerning whether a process of preparation is of God or something else is where it becomes challenging for many.

On the Outside Looking In

Inviting a trusted person to make these observations requires courageous humility and a teachable spirit.

A Squirrel Safari

We see what appears to be a “lesser” sin, wink at it, and drive on by.

A Challenged Church

The five equipping gifts were designed and purposed to bring us to a place of maturity.

The Person of Our Salvation

For the last 2,000 years, the uncompromising truth of Jesus as the only way to God has caused men and women to lay down their lives to bring others to Christ.

A Profound Love

He chose twelve disciples to follow Him who expressed such a diversity of life. 

The Compression of God

A false personal lordship, one that allows us to determine truth apart from God’s Word is our greatest threat.

An Eleventh-Hour Intervention

The errant shots were fired into the hearts of those who offered deceptive evidence who had gathered to watch the execution.

Lord, Make Yourself Known

Once a person enters this bed of deception and has their first fill of its passion, they will enter a slumber so deep that any alarm of desperation and confrontation offered by friends and family will fail to rouse them.

Spiritual Gandy Dancers

For the last few days, I have thought of how disjointed the Church must appear to those who view our divided hearts and efforts.