Garris Elkins

Juggling Narratives

The Spirit loves to visit and release a supernatural influence to those who are honest about their true identity in Christ.

Prophetic Stage Stops

Revelation does not allow us to park at the memories of the past, even if those memories have value in reflection.

The Gritty Side of Fatih

Love requires that we reach out and take hold of those in jeopardy, even the ones who mocked and shamed our interpretation of reality.

Joy Up, Church

The Lord is calling His people to express higher levels of joy that will disempower the plans of the enemy. 

When Evil Stands at the Door

The story of Lot and the aggressive mob is a picture of what is happening in some segments of our culture and sadly, within the Church.

A Hearty Faith

A hearty faith is a faith that stands on its own merit. It does not need any props to face the challenges of life.

Prophetic Echo Chambers

To those who value this way of conducting and advertising prophetic ministry, mentioning such a thing can become an offense.

Building Faith Altars

What kind of evidence will we leave behind to let future generations know we passed through this season still trusting God?

A Lean and Muscular Church

I believe the Lord is using what many considered a negative to become a positive reordering of His Church.

Sold a Bill of Goods

Clever lies wrapped in the garment of a deceptive bill of goods are being worn by more and more believers.

The Simple Moments

The Lord is calling many of us back to Him to be refreshed and restored to our original purpose.