Garris Elkins

There’s Something Happening Here

To deny that our faith should bring influence in the political sphere of society is as naïve as believing our faith should not influence all areas of culture.

The Shifting Baseline Syndrome

To combat the disease of this shift, the Lord is calling His Church to return to a simple and uncluttered expression of faith.

Indoctrinated Lives

Each individual and group alive on this planet have doctrines that are the guiding principles for their life.

Unmasking Our Reality

We are living in a moment of historic exposure that only comes in challenging times when our assumed reality is unmasked and revealed for evaluation.

What’s Next?

God is getting ready to move in the Church and within nations in unprecedented ways.

To the Point

Prophets standing on the wall of culture as watchmen are making stark, to-the-point announcements.

Stripped of Rank

God is stripping away anything that would create distance between His Church and the realities of spiritual warfare.

The Last Word

In all the turmoil and injustice that is taking place, God’s plan of redemption is present and at work.

Discerning Trigger Events

We need the discerning presence of the Spirit to see above and beyond what is being presented and assumed as fact.

Staging Your Arrival

The Lord has decided that a particular stage in your journey has finished and it is time to rest and become refreshed before the next stage begins.

The Weapon of Fatigue

This wearing away of our mental resolve must be recognized and challenged for what it is – an assault on our faith. 

The Flavor of Favor

Extending grace to people, especially those who might be at odds with us, is the heart of God.

A Time Like No Other

To those in the suffering and persecuted Church we seem like a people who have lost our way, and in some cases, our minds.

The Current Shaking

God is allowing this shaking to take place to disempower those things not worthy of our trust.