Garris Elkins

Loyalty to God

When Church leaders assume a dismissive posture on significant social issues we can too easily slip into a place where we relinquish our responsibility to disciple a nation.

A New Era

Many of us have made the mistake of seeing life only through the lens of a current season and miss the fact that something much larger is taking place.

Awakened to Truth

A test of our character comes when we discover that our gathered evidence does not support the facts of our bias.

Rehearsing a Scenario Response

If we don’t prepare how we will respond in a moment of spiritual peril we will become a victim, not an overcomer when sin or compromise comes our way.

Rescued by Mercy

In the coming days, the Lord will exercise mercy so extreme it will offend those who desire judgment instead of mercy for those who stand in a place of compromise.

A New Lane of Assignment

God will literally come and pick up these Kingdom influencers from a familiar lane of experience and place them in meetings and conversations no effort of self-promotion could accomplish.

Setting Up a Perimeter

This “setting up a perimeter” concept can also apply to the major events in a culture where the Church responds offering insight or taking some form of action.

A Mission of Influence

The agents of this reformation are embedded in the various spheres of society where their one goal is to speak and live the truth in love as defined by Paul in Ephesians 4.

The Train of Destiny

The old track was not able to lead you to the destination God had originally promised.  

Spiritual Intelligence Gathering

Not all that God is doing is meant to be made known prematurely in casual conversation or on the glaring billboard of social media.

Falling Labels

The Lord is asking us to put away our labels and raise empty hands to Him in worship.

Discovering Memorials

In the coming days, the Lord will remind some of you of previously unrealized markers placed along the path of your personal history.

Our Greatest Opportunity

Standing before such opposition and threats of violence becomes an opportunity to tell our oppressors about Jesus.