Resting in Freedom

Part of that promise is that He will call us, anoint us, but first love us. In that love is the command of resting so that we can allow Him to flood over us and into our innermost being.

Stinkin’ Feet

“I need to show you how much the Father loves you,” I simply stated. As she removed her worn sneakers and sweaty socks, I gently caressed each foot separately, pouring the refreshing water over her red, swollen ankle, and then patted each foot dry.

How to Start a Campus Revolution

As of today, Cru has become active in 190 countries, has trained up thousands of disciples, and has continued to keep Jesus the highest priority.

Killing What Almost Killed Me

There was no more hiding or retreating. It was on, and I was finally ready to kill the thing that almost killed me. It was time to die to myself.

Just A Voice

He avoided the limelight like it was the plague, constantly downplaying his importance. When asked who he was, he replied with two words…a voice.

Why St. Patrick Would Prefer a Three-Leaf Clover

Saint Patty’s Day is known all across America as another reason to celebrate and wear festive attire. But when the history of a holiday gets shoved to the side, its real meaning gets overlooked, too.

Into the Valley

‘Twas a valley. One deep and vastly wide. In the midst there were a river. It flowed e’er night and day. It flowed aplenty.

What Are You Looking For?

Within every one of us, there is a question that takes a while to answer. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong response to what has been asked. What are you looking for?

Beauty in the Barrenness

Fostering may be something that the public reserves for exceptional martyrs, but Jessica insists it’s nothing extraordinary. Fostering isn’t tailored for superheroes.

We are Called to SHINE!

As a child of the most high God, you have been selected to shine forth for Him.
Freely you have been given; now you are called to freely give.

Faith Bank

What I feel is that I’m alone, I’m scared, and I can’t make it through. What I know is that, regardless of my circumstances  (any circumstance), God is faithful, sovereign, and has plans for my good.

Chasing Sunsets

To this day, I still chase the moments that allow for risk and look forward to that drive to Folly where I feel myself come alive through the beauty of nature and the infiniteness of us all.

Dear Romancer

My passion will wash over You when my cup overflows from the Fountain of Life. And we will sit here,forever in love. Dear Romancer.

A Testimony of Surviving on Hope

I felt I had no purpose but at the same time, there was a glimmer of hope deep down there somewhere. It is a crazy feeling to have hope yet want God to just snuff you out all at the same time.

Sometimes the Snake Bites

If your focus is on Jesus, then you can walk away unharmed, but if you choose to give that nasty snake any of your attention, you better be prepared to have some of that bitter venom enter your bloodstream. The attention that you give to your negative circumstances is not worth the death of your hope and focus on Jesus.

Clarence, The Trainer

God desires to train us to be strong for Him. Anything He asks of me is the best. He is all-knowing in every arena of life. Unlike a human coach, He never pushes too hard or too softly. His ways are perfect.

Speaking Truth Into Hard Places

My heart was broken by the ending of a relationship that I had placed too much hope in, and I found myself at a crossroads.

Superhero Parallels

Our culture proclaims, “You only save yourself,” but box-office statistics and God-spoken Scripture tell us otherwise. Despite our best efforts, we need a Savior.

An Intricate Masterpiece of Unity

Jesus is coming back for one unified, glorious bride. Come, pick up your brush, choose your color, and let’s create a masterpiece together.