Seeking Solace

Prayer to our Father can be silent too, from the heart or even through tears – He hears them all.

Make Him Known

We are the children of God rising up that creation has cried out for.

The Gateway of Hope

God will restore all that has been lost if our hearts are open to his loving advances of restoration.

Fruitful Blessings

We see the love of Father God in His care for His children; even in these early verses of Genesis.

Switching Lanes

You are IN the world, but not OF the World. Stop looking back when you are driving forward.

The Double Portion Anointing

The sword of the LORD will be in their mouths and they will be tenacious and unwavering in their faith because their strength is in Jesus.

ALONG THE WAY: They Lied To Us – with Victoria Robinson

Episode #72 – When Victoria Robinson realized that she was pregnant again she thought that she couldn’t handle another child so she decided to have an abortion. The physical, emotional, and spiritual wound from that broke her inside. In this conversation, she shares how God brought people into her life that helped her find forgiveness, hope, and healing. Now, she is a pro-life advocate, promoter, and author of the best selling book “The Lied To Us”

LIVING UP IN A DOWN WORLD: Roswell and Area 51

Join Jimmy and Annette as they engage the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful of doing life together in a world that seems to have lost it’s True North. Laugh with us, and at us, as we choose to Live Up in a Down World!

Your Season of Advancement

God will never entrust us with anything until He knows we have the capacity, structure, and the right people around us to manage the overflow.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Pursuing God’s Perspective

We have looked at how we lost perspective, what the past did to shape our perspective, what is affecting our perspective in the present, what being in Christ should do to our perspective, and now finally what is God’s perspective for us and this world? And how do we pursue His perspective instead of getting trapped in the world’s perspectives? Listen in as Denise explores God’s perspective versus man’s.

Running to Win

The life of faith is a long-distance race with a real prize at the end for all who complete the race.

The Value of Grace

When grace is extended there is room for healing, growth, and new connections.

Passion of the Printed Word

I was never to return to the levels of fiction reading that I had done previously; my life values had been changed by my brush with death.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Prayers of Rest – with Asheritah Ciuciu

Do you feel too busy to pray? Then you’re invited to find REST in God’s loving presence. Today’s guest, Asheritah Ciuciu, offers you a respite from your spiritual to-do list in her book, Prayers of Rest: 365 Prompts to Hear God’s Voice.  

A Level Playing Field

God’s field of play is about the condition of our hearts and our willingness to yield to His will.

Your Response Matters!

This is the perfect time to reposition your heart to align with faith and belief in all that God has spoken to you.


Pain is just one of many parts of our life journey. All of us have a story. In this episode, Annette deep dives into some of the trauma moments of her life and how God brought her from despair to deliverance. God is good. There is always hope!

The Truth about Truth

My heart is that we can become the loving truth-bearers that the world so desperately needs.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Is Something Clogging Your Spiritual Pores?

I had a glorious encounter with Jesus a while back. His glory was radiating through me, and all that could be seen was Him. This weekend He asked me a very important question about what could dim that glory in us. Today, I unpack the encounter and what He taught me. This episode is for you!


Settle into His sufficiency.

No God Like Jehovah!

I AM watering every seed you have sown, to begin to bloom and grow and produce fruit that remains.

Spiritual Hydration

As the world continues to advance a list of absurdities and falsehoods, only by a daily infusion of God’s word can we hope to stand and not faint.

How to Love Others Well

Perhaps every day on the calendar should be celebrated as an opportunity to give love to a lonely, hurting world.


Often your areas of vulnerability and struggle are actually pointing out what God has called you to step into.

Supernatural and Divine Connections

God is constantly at work within you to bring you to a place of maturity in hearing His Voice and stepping out in what He’s put in your path.

Crunch and Crumble

Owing to the scarcity of our mortal resources, we’re no outwardly tougher than the cicada shell. 

Redeeming Dante

Dante was the name he had been given, but it didn’t seem to fit him.