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DARE 2 HEAR: Redeeming Your Timeline with Guest Troy Brewer

On today’s podcast, Debbie sits down and talks with Pastor Troy Brewer to unpack key concepts in his newly released book: Redeeming Your Timeline.  Today’s episode is powerful and full of amazing revelation as we discuss how inviting Jesus into your timeline is not just impactful, but is a “right now” message for the body of Christ.

Fully Usable

We must remember God’s call is for His people to possess the land.  This requires change and moving out–moving out of our comfort zone.

A New Era

Many of us have made the mistake of seeing life only through the lens of a current season and miss the fact that something much larger is taking place.

Rivers or Cobwebs

There are two types of churches in America today, there are cobweb churches and there are churches that are flowing in the river of God.

Leaving The Familiar

We are being prepared— emptied of all that is familiar and prepared to walk as the King’s bride and to risk everything to find favor in his sight.

DARE 2 HEAR: Choose This Day

A line has been drawn, which side are you on? In this episode, we discuss how God has not called us to be “political people” but rather “spiritual people.”  We must choose if we are going to look to man or God.  Are we willing to set aside our likes and dislikes and looking through our own lenses for the lens of the Bible?

A Crisis of Faith

I sense a holy jealousy in the heart of God for a bride whose eyes are fully fixed on his.

Portals of Revelation

We must open these portals and doorways of revelation by declaring once again, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Turnaround Hurricane

When God starts to move in a situation, expect for even the most impossible situations to turn around for good.

A New Lane of Assignment

God will literally come and pick up these Kingdom influencers from a familiar lane of experience and place them in meetings and conversations no effort of self-promotion could accomplish.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: 20/20 Vision or Bust

Episode #1 – I expected my miracle to manifest differently. The experience was incredibly uncomfortable and downright embarrassing. I just wanted to go into a dark room alone and hide. My eyes went black, and when my vision began to return, the light was blinding.  I was gifted with LASIK surgery, not a sudden touch from God.