Prophetic words, songs, images, and Scriptures.

S P L I N T E R E D System

A splinter had wedged itself into his toe. It hurt on its way out, but on the other side of pain…healing and regrowth.

Godzila Is On Main Street

The beast began to chase people down the street. It had such anger and rage in its eyes. People began to scream in terror as the beast charged forward.

The Journey of Becoming

The word “become” had so much life on it…hard to describe, but it was like there was a certainty about it.

For the Weary

I believe the full revelation of this bloom is starting now.

A Rapture Study: The Tribulation (Part 2)

To have an understanding of the rapture, it’s essential to also understand the purpose of the tribulation as well as who it’s for. The tribulation is meant for the salvation of the Jewish nation and to punish an unrepentant mankind.

Miracles in Glory

God is aligning everything to its rightful order. Greater things are yet to come and just over the horizon.

The Power is about to Come On!

For days now, all I can say are these words, “We are being taken back to the blood of Jesus and the finished work of the cross!”

The Phoenix is Rising

The following is a prophetic word received on December 1, 2019. This is what I felt that I heard from the Lord during my daily prayer time. I am releasing these words for others to hear as they offer promise and hope in a time of increasing chaos. The Phoenix is rising. Justice is coming. […]

The Lamb is in the House

The Lamb is in the house! The blood of Abel cried out, “Justice” but the Blood of Jesus cries out, “Mercy!”

444: Why Is This So Significant As We Approach Passover?

God has said that there is a timeframe from 4/4-4/8 to break idolatry in the church. These are places that we’ve conformed to cultural beliefs and behaviors that have replaced the pure and simple truth that is found in “The Blood of the Lamb.”

A Spirit of Idleness Is Coming Off God’s People

Begin to prophesy over the areas that have been targeted by the enemy to render you idle. Prophecy the purposes of God over your body, your soul and your spirit. Prophecy the restart of your life and calling!