Prophetic words, songs, images, and Scriptures.

A Coming Showdown

A showdown is about to take place and its purpose will not be to prove any of us right.

Time of Preparation

When direction is given, burdens are relieved, comforts are received, and strength is granted.

The Church is Dead

Where I am allowed to do so, I am raising up a new vibrant church to lead My people into a revival-led Golden Age.

Awake O Sleeper!

Only when the Bride is Fully Awake will we see her taking dominion in the earth like the earth has been anticipating.

A Great Mercy

God’s justice will have its way if those who profess to follow the Lord choose to walk in His mercy no matter how challenging that choice will be or who it might offend. 

The Rise of the Overcomers

Don’t give up or give in, because of the pressures around you, He that is in you is greater than He that’s in the world around you!

Holy Spirit at the Helm

Divine appointments are placed all over in your future, in front of you, only the Holy Spirit can navigate a course to steer your ship right into each of them!

DARE 2 HEAR: Nearer to God – with Dr. Wayman Ming Jr.

The last 18-months have been a wake-up call for the modern believer. Now it is still to arm ourselves with spiritual truths and insights from the Bible.  Dr. Wayman Ming, Jr. and Debbie discuss how people in the midst of suffering lose hope, how Satan is a kleptomaniac, and what “gaptivity” is, and how hearing from heaven involves both sacred cooperation and active cooperation.