ALONG THE WAY: What are the Stakes? – with Steve Hemphill

Spiritual warfare is constantly around us so we need a battle plan to counter the spiritual attacks and defend our family, but what are the stakes? Steve Hemphill is the host of the “Battle Plan with Steve Hemphill Podcast” and he has amazing stories of staking scriptures around houses, cars, and other strategic locations.

ALONG THE WAY: The Sound of Heaven – with Jackie Baker

Worship and Faith lead you on amazing journeys with the Lord and into His Presence. Jackie Baker specializes in leading people into the Presence of the Lord through soaking and prophetic worship in addition to corporate worship.

Weaponized Morality

So this is where we find ourselves, having crossed the post-Christian cultural tipping point, where our transcendent appreciation of morality is being dragged off to the edge of town, to be thrown on the trash heap.

Doing Things God’s Way

God’s ways are indisputably better than our ways, so why do we persist in doing things our own ways rather than God’s way.

No Inferiority

When you have unspeakable joy in Christ and nobody can steal it, you are more than a conqueror.

ALONG THE WAY: “The Dreams Guy” – with John E Thomas

  Along The Way Hosted by John Matarazzo AUDIO PODCAST God speaks through dreams but  they aren’t as cryptic as you might think.“The Dreams Guy” John E Thomas explains how you can understand the hidden meaning behind the nighttime visions and how he learned how to help others understand the deeper meanings. Dream Interpretation Steps […]