Dealing with Strongholds

We must learn to look objectively at any thoughts or attitudes that fail to conform to the likeness and teachings of Jesus.

ALONG THE WAY: The Road Isn’t Over! – with Jon Shaffer

Jon Shaffer thought the only way he would survive to be 21 was if he was safely in a jail cell. After that self-fulfilling prophecy, Jesus changed his life, gave him a purpose, and called him back to impact his old “Hood” for the Kingdom.

Jesus at the Center

It is time for congregations to venture forth up the heights of Mt. Zion to stand with clean hands and pure heart, lifting our hearts to God in the Holy Place.

Indoctrinated Lives

Each individual and group alive on this planet have doctrines that are the guiding principles for their life.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Obedience Can Lead to Pain and Suffering

In chapters 21 and 22, we see Paul heading to Jerusalem against the advice of the disciples. Paul wasn’t being disobedient to the Holy Spirit nor was he being disrespectful to the disciples. Paul simply knew the Holy Spirit wanted him to go to Jerusalem despite the fact he would endure pain and suffering.

The Soft Gospel

Much user inclusiveness and seeker friendliness have been meted out to the lost in our efforts to ‘win some at all costs’!

ALONG THE WAY: Jerusalem Rising – Part 2 with Doug Hershey

Doug Hershey returns to discuss the story behind “Jerusalem Rising”. His second book in the Ancient Prophecy Modern Lens series chronicles the fascinating stories behind the “Then and Now” style pictures that reveal prophecy being fulfilled in front of your eyes.


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