A Divided Heart

Believers are told to love the Lord their God with all of their heart, not just a part.

When Confusion Comes

When it seems like all control is lost in the confusion, God will use that confusion for His purposes.

God Spoke, Tell the World

Believers need to hear that roar and not fear, but let the people know what God has said and is about to do.

When the Heaven’s Speak

No matter how advanced our society might become, a sign in the heavens will always draw our attention.

The Path of Life: Fanfare

As we rush through life randomly selecting what to listen to and what to ignore, we need to listen for the fanfare God sends our way.

Sermon: My Deliverer

Jesus is perhaps in the wilderness and hears the whole world at this point cry out “My deliverer is coming, my deliverer is standing by.”

Anybody Remember Easter?

Sometimes we don’t reflect on the mysteries of Easter, and in this unreflective state, the whole thing begins to feel like a folktale.  

God Will Redeem

Death and sin will be defeated in the end for everyone who trusts in Jesus for their salvation

A Faith of Choice

We must invest our faith in a place where a return for that investment can be received.

Blessed are the Peacemakers!

We must work together to restore the ancient ruins with the olive branches and arrows that bring forth true peace.

Not Today Satan!

When you are facing lies, fears, hurt, bitterness, attacked, and like the arrows won’t stop coming at you, remember to fight back.

God Restores the Backslider

God is right there waiting for you to return and repent of your sins so that He can heal you and love you once again.

What Lies Ahead

The calling to follow Jesus would not be a faith walk in the park.

Taught to Walk

Believers are taught how to walk away from sin and walk towards God and in the righteousness and holiness of Jesus.

God’s Rod

You were destined to be an instrument of His Authority and Power in the earth, by the working of the Holy Spirit within you.

Sermon: He Gets Us?

Our purpose is not just to wash each others’ feet, but to encourage others to come to Christ and to become that new creation.

The Timing of His Word

God isn’t going to let you miss it as long as you stay connected to Him and continue to move in obedience to the sound of His Voice.

Lord Where Are You?

When you feel far from God, it’s time to examine your heart and your priorities.

A Watchmen’s Purpose

When a watchman’s warning is heard and obeyed with a repentant heart, it will bring freedom.