Personal Growth

If the Lord Had Not Been By My Side

Where do we go in times of trouble?  Who sustains us when we are weary?  If everyone would walk away and abandon us, who would be by our side?  Yes, our God would! He says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  (Hebrews 13: 5)  Never means never! “If the Lord had not been […]

Mercy Over Judgement

Justice is for those who are undeserving of judgment and mercy for those who deserve judgment.


Time after time He graciously gives His children chance after chance to turn their lives around.

LIV2DAY: Science + God

In this episode, Dr. Paula explores Darwin’s theory of evolution. As mainstream thinking would maintain, science supports exclusively the theory of evolution, while scripture supports the theory of a divine Creator, aka creationism. But is that all there really is to it?

Redeeming Your Time

Time, I have often assumed, is short, and matters urgent. Nothing can be dropped or ignored.

The Call To Service

God has given his children the glory of bearing the sword as His army in service.  

Only Way To Live

If we don’t keep in step with the Spirit, that’s when we get out of step and out of line.

A Power Washing

The pressure is bringing many things to the surface so that his power can quickly remove them as they have been exposed.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Passing Through the Waters of Abuse

The day-to-day, moment-to-moment needs can absorb our focus, our time, our life. When this happens does it have an impact on God’s purposes for our lives? Is this impact positive or negative? How can we become intentionally focused on God’s plans and purposes?