Personal Growth

A Sign Appeared

God has a plan for his men and women, it’s a royal plan that only He has given. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Take the Limits Off Your Dreams with Dr. Angela D. Thomas

Episode #15 – Everything about her background said she should fail – but God. Entrepreneur and executive Dr. Angela D. Thomas, affectionately known as “Dr. A,” overcame daunting challenges to build a successful career in healthcare. Her story, “Bullets, Babies and Boardrooms,” will unpack the power of choice and propel you to achieve your God-given dreams. 

To Us And For Us

That day of rest will come for Job and for anyone who has been in a battle for a long time.   

His Eyes Are Open

Are we confident that God is looking down upon us?  Yes, He is looking at us and working all the time.

Worship, Fasting, and Prayer

Making an established time of worship, prayer and fasting honors the Lord in His purposes and aligns with His will.  

Covenant Love

My Covenant Love is beckoning to you. Will you answer My call?

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure!

Scripture says to “strive to excel” in spiritual gifts. How are we going to do that without ever missing it? 

Explaining Your Actions

Our mouthpiece can be used by spirits to hurt and offend.  Discern by what tone of speech is coming forth.

The Lord’s Hand

There are things being allocated to us that are from the Lord.  Some of them will come from unexpected sources.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Astounded – Encountering God in Everyday Moments

Episode 35 – Some days, real life is more outrageous than fiction. But sometimes, everyday moments are God’s intended miracles. My new book, Astounded, Encountering God in Everyday Moments, is a collection of raw personal stories that show us how to keep our eyes peeled for the miracle hidden in life’s ordinary and even messy moments.

Make A Connection

When making decisions we should talk to the Lord about it first, even if folks come bringing gifts.  Be wise who you are in covenant with. 

Devout Man Gets Vision

He answers that prayer, because He hears the cries of wounded, hurting people, who do not know that God is crazy in love with them, and not mad at them.  

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Invite the Miracle In with Brain Tumor Thriver Kim Bohn

Episode #16 – Kim Bohn, brain tumor “thriver” and Founder & Designer of Beaded Miracles, started stringing beads as a form of occupational therapy after having brain surgery to remove a large tumor that was strangling her carotid artery and optical nerves. As Kim bravely shares her story, you’ll be inspired to invite the miracle into your situation