THE DEPOT PODCAST: If God Has No Favorites, Neither Should You (Acts 10)

“Is God softening your heart toward a certain person or people, and most importantly, are you listening? This week’s episode discusses a pivotal moment in church history…the birth of the Gentile church because two men allowed the Holy Spirit to do a work in their hearts and obeyed when they were told to do something.”

Prophetic Stage Stops

Revelation does not allow us to park at the memories of the past, even if those memories have value in reflection.

Prophetic Echo Chambers

To those who value this way of conducting and advertising prophetic ministry, mentioning such a thing can become an offense.

A Lean and Muscular Church

I believe the Lord is using what many considered a negative to become a positive reordering of His Church.

Diverse Church

God is about to teach His ministers how to awaken the hearts of a diverse group of people.

Six Confessions of a Pastor

At the end of the day, I’m called to love and serve people regardless of who they are and what they think of me.

Downstream Thinking

The upstream source of downstream pollutants is where the purity and health of an issue are determined.

Kingdom Ambassadors

Jesus was training the disciples to understand Heaven’s culture and to live their lives in the reality of this kingdom.

Why Not Just Preach the Gospel?

If we are to fulfill our mandate of discipling nations, this must include the systems and institutions of nations as well as the people.