Stinkin’ Feet

“I need to show you how much the Father loves you,” I simply stated. As she removed her worn sneakers and sweaty socks, I gently caressed each foot separately, pouring the refreshing water over her red, swollen ankle, and then patted each foot dry.

How to Start a Campus Revolution

As of today, Cru has become active in 190 countries, has trained up thousands of disciples, and has continued to keep Jesus the highest priority.

Why St. Patrick Would Prefer a Three-Leaf Clover

Saint Patty’s Day is known all across America as another reason to celebrate and wear festive attire. But when the history of a holiday gets shoved to the side, its real meaning gets overlooked, too.

How Four Walls Built A Ministry

Kris Lehne never planned to homeschool. She never planned to adopt or foster or help run a family nonprofit. She had several young children and needed to be home. Coincidentally, that was the perfect place to minister to the orphaned: within the safety of her own home.

Glue and Sawdust

The vast majority of the world anchors its faith in wealth, intelligence, self-gratification…glue and sawdust, if you will. Yet God is far from glue and sawdust; He’s a giant Redwood towering above the earth with unfathomable strength and majesty.

Winds of Change

What I love most about Kingdom Winds is the emphasis to call Christians out of hiding. To empower them to live in their identity as creators and let God and others experience the gifts they’ve been given.

Why It Doesn’t Work to Say “In Jesus’s Name”

Did you ever see a great manifestation of God’s power or authority in Christ, and then try to imitate what you saw but end up disappointed? Or have you read Scriptural promises and tried to act on them, but it seemed like they “didn’t work?”

A Year of Mama Jane’s Secret

Chad Norris published his second book Mama Jane’s Secret a year ago on February 13, 2018. And since then, the secret of friendship with God isn’t such a secret anymore.

I Was Never the Quarterback

Schools highlight quarterbacks to represent athleticism, but He never limits His superstars. God wants all of us out on the field wearing His jersey so that His glory, His creativity can be seen.

Advocating Pro-Life on a Sidewalk

They stand determinedly outside the facility and wave to incoming drivers, praying for an opportunity to share loving, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

Man on Fire: Todd White

Todd White is a man on fire. He’s like a torch blazing its way through the deep, dark night to light other torches along the way.

Submitting to Authority

Here’s a call from God to comply with the powers that be with the understanding that they are here to serve His purposes. God’s Word is first.

Crosspoint of India Builds a Nation

Crosspoint of India is a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting fellowship, transforming communities, and raising up strong leaders for Jesus Christ. Their mission motto is “Changing hearts from the heart of India.”

When You’re Feeling Weary. Again.

But more days than I’d like, I feel like a square peg in a round hole. Everyone here is lovely. Really, very lovely. But they’ve known each another for ten, fifteen, twenty years. I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this, but Is that how long it will take for me to find my place here?

Playing Checkers While the Devil is at War

We like the personal effects of Jesus in our lives, how He loves us and makes us feel better about ourselves…Meanwhile, while we’re playing a game, our adversary has been plotting this war against God’s bride for thousands of years.

A21’s Fierce Fight

A21 partners with like-minded global and local community members, otherwise known as ‘A-teams.’ These abolitionist teams are individuals who wish to informally but passionately partner with A21 and help fundraise, campaign, and educate.

Mixed Motives: A Missionary’s Heart

My heart longed to live in Africa, to see Jerusalem, to visit far-off countries and islands and tell the world about a King that risked it all and came to die so they could be free. I wanted to change the world, and I wanted to be famous for Jesus. 

Can a Christian Have a Demon?

Jesus has given us all authority in order to plunder and trample over all Satan’s power. However, if we don’t recognize an attacker for what it is or even accept it as normal, we will not resist that invader. Instead, we’ll tolerate it.

Mercy Ships: A Portable Vessel of Hope

Mercy Ships is an incredible ministry that offers current medical care to some of the poorest places on the earth. It’s a truly genius way to reach the world, not only with medical care but with the message of Jesus.

The Holy Hands of a Drunkard

I never would have thought that I’d find myself in a place where a drunk man would minister to me. However, God knew what it would take to reach my heart at that moment. The words weren’t profound, but the message that this experience gave me was huge.