Jesus at the Center

It is time for congregations to venture forth up the heights of Mt. Zion to stand with clean hands and pure heart, lifting our hearts to God in the Holy Place.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Obedience Can Lead to Pain and Suffering

In chapters 21 and 22, we see Paul heading to Jerusalem against the advice of the disciples. Paul wasn’t being disobedient to the Holy Spirit nor was he being disrespectful to the disciples. Paul simply knew the Holy Spirit wanted him to go to Jerusalem despite the fact he would endure pain and suffering.

Unmasking Our Reality

We are living in a moment of historic exposure that only comes in challenging times when our assumed reality is unmasked and revealed for evaluation.

What If We Listened to Prophets?

We need more accounts of where a person or people take to courage and face someone in the wrong, where that wrong person does listen, and they do repent.

Come (Back) Together!

A theological shift took place. The worship service became a ministry to the worshipers themselves and to seekers looking on.

A Time Like No Other

To those in the suffering and persecuted Church we seem like a people who have lost our way, and in some cases, our minds.

Three Preaching Journeys

This is an element of spiritual leadership; sometimes we go first into spiritual breakthrough, softening the ground and making that breakthrough more accessible to others.

Turning the Corner

Without this turn, we will find ourselves in a “worship land” where the tastes of the “worshipers” form the rules of conduct.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Is All That You Do Worth It? (Acts 14)

Facing persecution, including harassment and stoning, was something the early disciples experienced. Yet, they didn’t let any of it stop them from sharing the Good News. They persevered at all costs because everything they did for the Gospel was worth it. Every life, every healing, every miracle, every new church birthed…all of it was worth it because they knew it was what they were called to do.