THE DEPOT PODCAST: Let’s Go To Where It All Began

In this episode, Erin Olson introduces the Bible teaching series she is launching over the next several weeks. Erin will be covering the entire book of Acts because it’s where the Church began. Erin was recently reminded that not everyone who sits in church knows the Bible, including all of the terms of context included in it. 

Choice, Calling, and Imaging God

The opportunity we uniquely have to image God is a paradoxical combination of what we choose and what is handed to us by the world around us.

Our Digital Mission Field

When we accept Christ, we become members of his body and commit ourselves to contribute to the corporate witness of Christ’s body. 

A Challenged Church

The five equipping gifts were designed and purposed to bring us to a place of maturity.

A Craft Surrendered

Instead of being served by the marketplace, the worship leader can become the servant of the marketplace. 

The Triune Church

The issue is that the world is starting to speak a different sociological language than the church, leaving the church to feel outdated.

The Compression of God

A false personal lordship, one that allows us to determine truth apart from God’s Word is our greatest threat.

The Emotional Qualifications for Leadership

Within the church, where leaders are supposed to hold to the word of God with a clear conscience, it is difficult to teach people the truth, when our words and actions do not demonstrate them.