Silent Trust

The evidence of our trust is our silent obedience to God in the middle of the turmoil, confusion, and disappointment.

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The Lord spoke to Moses at a critical and transitional point in his leadership journey. As Moses was complaining to Him, the Lord said, “That’s enough. Speak of it no more” (Numbers 3:26-17). It was no longer about Moses’ disdain for the forever complaining Israelites who were as hard to lead as trying to herd cats. It was no longer about the legacy Moses thought he would leave behind. It was about the ability of Moses to trust God in silence. 

At the most critical points in our lives where we may not understand all that is happening or why the Lord has made certain choices about our lives, it is at that point, we need to trust God.  

In these cases, the evidence of our trust is our silent obedience to God in the middle of the turmoil, confusion, and disappointment we are experiencing. Silence regarding the fulfillment of our perceived destiny, the record of the history we will leave behind, or what other people think about us will bring us to a place of surrender. It is our choice to make. Our surrender will release the kind of peace that only comes when we are willing to speak no more of the things we will never understand until God’s will is fully revealed.


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