Somewhere In Between

Somewhere In Between

Seeing life through a camera doesn’t mean everything is picture-perfect, but every picture does tell a story. 

Written By Abby Fricke

Crippled by the constant need to live life as a wallflower, Amy leaves the comfort of her home in San Francisco to move with her mother to Kauai, Hawaii.  She braves her new town behind the lens of her camera until the star baseball player, Jake, captures her mid-shot. Jake brings Amy into a world where she now has friends and social events to attend, leaving her to wonder if all this was too fast to be real. But what happens when Jake suddenly leaves the picture and the illusion is shattered? Amy will find herself more broken than ever, forcing her to turn the camera on herself and discover why she’s been hiding in the corner her whole life.

As I built my own relationships with the characters and saw their interactions, I gained wisdom about why those who are like Amy in real life function the way they do. Fricke’s goal to highlight hidden battles and the struggle to open up was effortlessly achieved. Ultimately, the sense that we are all Amy in our own ways grew on me. – Becca James

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Abby is a music and food enthusiast who believes a good record and some ice cream can cure anything that ails. A northerner from DC turned southern transplant, she ventured to Greenville SC to receive a bachelor’s in English and Music from Furman University. When she began volunteering with youth groups as a college student, she developed an interest in young adults and an obsession with teenybopper shows of all kinds. In addition to being the proud mama of a frisky feline fur baby, Abby is an avid blogger for, where she documents the adventures of adulting. She currently lives and teaches high school English and Creative Writing in Charleston SC.