Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

Finding grace and permission in the desire for romance. 

Written By Rachael Weisinger

Rachael Weisinger, in her debut book Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, addresses the question: do I have permission to desire a love story? It seems like everyone has a different opinion about romance, how to get it, and if anyone should want it. But who is right? And does God even care about our dating lives (or lack thereof)? 

Join Rachael Weisinger as she explores truth, provides counsel, and shares personal stories of her own begotten love life. In Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, Weisinger brings vulnerability, laughter, and refreshed hope for both the hopeless romantic and the single without a drop of it left.

Why Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese?

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Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

In addition to expanding my wealth of knowledge by reading this cleverly written narrative, I was tearing up and laughing until my stomach hurt. This breakout author’s vulnerability and relatability are undeniable, and her impeccable wit breaks through some of the tough yet impactful moments throughout each chapter. – Becca James


Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Excerpt 

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About the Author

Rachael’s testimony can be summed up in four little words: from ash to glitter. She’s witnessed Jesus transform her brokenness into extravagance and now she brings her ‘extra’ self to boardgames, lip-sync battles, and costume contests. Currently, she lives in South Carolina where she devotes time to writing, teaching, and crafting dangly earrings. Rachael holds a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Literacy, and is certified as a high school English teacher and literacy coach for grades K-12.