Jacqueline Franks

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Natural Ways to Induce Labor and Vitamin Used to Shorten Labor

Learn when and when not to induce, plus natural ways to encourage your baby to make his/her appearance. AND Learn the benefits of Vitamin C in pregnancy, including possibly a shorter labor! Listen now.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Cancer with Mark Sloan - What it is, What it isn't and How You Can Prevent it

When Mark Sloan lost his mother to cancer as a young boy, he went on a mission to find out what the truth was about this disease. In this podcast, he shares his story and talks about what cancer truly is and what it is not. Listen as we discuss the current cancer treatments, mammograms, and the best ways to prevent cancer. You will be encouraged!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Tips to Store and Purify Water to Prepare for Emergencies

As we face runaway food prices and shortages of both food and energy, I’m advising everyone to stock up on their water storage and prepare now. What about water in a real, prolonged emergency? What do you do if you don’t have access to basic services due to a protracted power outage or civil threat where you can’t leave home? Listen now for t...

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Hard Facts About Polio

When someone speaks about any disease, in this day and age, they’re often just repeating what they were told by the media, the government, or a scientific group.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: 10 Things to Help You Advocate For Your Sick Loved Ones

Join us as we speak again with Anne, a large family mama, and homeopathic student. In this episode, she shares several chronic issues that she has had victory over using homeopathy, including TMJ, nerve pain, sleep issues, and MOLD. Come prepared to learn and appreciate God's healing power through homeopathy!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: 10 Things to Help You Advocate For Your Sick Loved Ones

First, you need to do or know five things BEFORE your loved one ends up in the hospital, and then five things you can do or know if your family is already hospitalized. Learn how to advocate and care for your family in a hostile world.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Where are the Men? And How to Train Your Sons to be Biblical Men

In this episode, we ask the question, "Where are the true, faithful men in our society, and what can we do to prepare our sons to become biblical men?" Listen and be encouraged.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Homeopathic Remedies for Emotions in the Family (ADHD, Depression and More)

Join us as we talk with Anne again about some very helpful remedies to assist with negative emotions. Hear her stories of how she helped her children gain control of their emotions, as well as some helpful ADHD insight. Our brains need support just like the rest of our bodies, and homeopathic remedies can be a blessing in this way.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: The Breaking of a Rebel Heart - Jacque's Testimony (Part 2)

In part two of Jacque's testimony, join us as she shares her life experiences, how the Lord has taught her through the various seasons of her life, and her encouragement for mamas in the trenches. Listen to hear more of Jackie's nursing journey, how her sinful past affected her parenting and how she told her own children about her abortion.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: The Tiny Hand On My Surgical Glove Changed My Mind—Jacque's Abortion and Salvation Testimony

Hear Jacque share her journey through abortion and even assisting in abortion as a nurse. Hear how the Lord rescued her mightily and savingly. Our conversation was full of smiles and yes, even tears as we hear her beautiful story of God's grace. Listen and be blessed!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: What Can a Gentle Detox Do for Your Body? Real-Life TRS Testimonies

In this podcast, hear testimonies from those whose life and health have been changed through gently detoxifying their bodies using TRS. Hear testimonies from those with Auto-Immune Diseases, Thyroid Issues, Type 2 Diabetes, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Vaccine Damage. Also, learn about TRS during pregnancy, childbirth, and with babies. Listen now!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: How to Encourage Breastfeeding as a Culture, The Formula Shortage and Homemade Formula Recipes

Jacque's heart is breaking for our culture, where 4 out of 5 mothers use a bottle rather than breastfeeding. In this episode, we talk about the need to return to supporting the beauty of breastfeeding.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Exciting Homeopathic Breakthrough for "The Great Flu" + Remedies New Mom's Can Start With!

Join Anne in part two of our homeopathic conversation, where she shares how we can be prepared for the next wave of colds and flu. Hear the story of her husband's sickness due to shedding. Plus, what are a few remedies that those that are just starting their homeopathic journey should begin to have on hand?

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: One Mom's Journey and Resources for Those Who Want to Care for Their Family!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: One Woman’s Life Altering Adverse Reaction to the Vaccine

Listen to the story of one young woman who was perfectly healthy before she had her Gardasil vaccine. Her journey and story as her health declined and she was diagnosed with Lyme is a warning to us of the importance of research.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Homeopathy for My Family - Colic, Bladder Infection, Grief and More

With growing concerns in the world, costs rising, and major supply chain issues, Jacque is proactively learning about homeopathy with the goal of being more independent of the allopathic medical system. One of Jacque's desires as a grandmother with a growing family is to have confident young moms and ready remedies if there is no doctor.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Did You Know These ‘Fun Facts’ about Tetanus, Rusty Nails, and Horses?

Tetanus has been one of those mysterious and scary topics that even those who do not vaccinate for other things still feel unsure about the Tetanus shot.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Why are Kids Impatient, Bored, Friendless, and Entitled? - with Victoria Prooday

I know many would choose not to hear what Victoria Prooday says in the article, but your children need you to hear this message.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Introducing Quiet Time as Naptime Ends and 4 Calming Herbal Supplements

Many, if not most, kids today are growing up in a world where they don’t have structured time to rest, curl up with a good book, build things, or problem-solve face to face with real live people.