Jacqueline Franks

For 20 years before becoming a mom, Jacqueline practiced as an RN with a background in acute care, primarily the cardiac OR. She is the founder of DeepRootsatHome.com and Deep Roots at Home Podcast.

But now, home is where she loves to be. She feels there is no greater place to incubate souls. These days you’ll find her using her experiences here to write about herbal remedies and natural health research — a big passion of hers.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Tips to Store and Purify Water to Prepare for Emergencies

As we face runaway food prices and shortages of both food and energy, I’m advising everyone to stock up on their water storage and prepare now. What about water in a real, prolonged emergency? What do you do if you don’t have access to basic services due to a protracted power outage or civil threat where you can’t leave home? Listen now for tips and practical advice.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: 10 Things to Help You Advocate For Your Sick Loved Ones

Join us as we speak again with Anne, a large family mama, and homeopathic student. In this episode, she shares several chronic issues that she has had victory over using homeopathy, including TMJ, nerve pain, sleep issues, and MOLD. Come prepared to learn and appreciate God’s healing power through homeopathy!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: The Breaking of a Rebel Heart – Jacque’s Testimony (Part 2)

In part two of Jacque’s testimony, join us as she shares her life experiences, how the Lord has taught her through the various seasons of her life, and her encouragement for mamas in the trenches. Listen to hear more of Jackie’s nursing journey, how her sinful past affected her parenting and how she told her own children about her abortion.