Fountain of Youth

I have always emphatically believed that when you are young … you really don’t appreciate it.

LIV2DAY: Near Death Experience

In this episode, Dr.Paula shares a second miracle in follow-up to episode #47’s “Miracles STILL HAppen” episode. This time, her near-death experience inspires not only herself but also others around her. Soon she discovers a new bond through an old friend, by divine appointment. You won’t want to miss this episode!

This Ends Today!

Emptiness consumes you until one morning, you wake up and think to yourself, “I can’t do this anymore!”

LIV2DAY: Miracles STILL Happen!

And in this episode, Dr. Paula shares with you her story of a life-changing experience that confirmed for her that miracles STILL happen. Miracles happen all around us, really. And as people who pray, sometimes we see the miracles God worked in our lives as we look back, even if we don’t see the miracle in the moment.

Will the Real Jesus Step Forward

I would love to be able to tell you that I only see Jesus as good and loving now and see my Father God as a good Papa always, but sometimes, I still struggle.

LIV2DAY: Living in Fear (Discussing the Jab)

Dr. Paula tackles the big topic of “the jab,” aka the COVID19 vaccination. In this episode, she examines the controversial issue through the lens of both science and our God-given immunity system. Applying her own life story, she shares a fresh perspective on the issue that she hopes will leave you feeling empowered and at peace.

LIV2DAY: Rest – Practice 5 Types for Optimum Health

Did you know there are five types of rest we each need to practice to ensure our optimum health? In this episode, Dr. Paula explains those types and debunks the myth that our “best self” is defined by our productivity.

Rest and Relaxation

The physiological changes that occur during relaxation are just the opposite of what happens when we’re stressed.

LIV2DAY: Healing and Self-Forgiveness

Many people struggle with guilt, shame, negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness. In this episode, Dr. Paula shares her practical steps to breaking these bonds, so that you can move from shame toward hope, health, self-worth, and fullness with God.

LIV2DAY: Self-Care

Are you worn out from pushing “too hard” over the holiday? Or maybe just feeling “low” in your spirit? Lonely or depressed? Explore with Dr. Paula possible areas in your life that may need “tending to.”

LIV2DAY: Healing Relationships

In this episode, Dr. Paula explains that “healing” from relational pain or loss doesn’t have to involve the other person; nor does it rely on his or her response to the situation. You have everything within reach needed to take steps toward a healthier you and to let go of situations you cannot control.

LIV2DAY: Cycles and Balance

In this episode, Dr. Paula dives into the topic of God and His divine order in everything—both outside and inside our bodies. There are cycles everywhere, patterns everywhere; there is even MATH and science everywhere! The Almighty Creator created everything to constantly seek balance, and that includes you and your body.

LIV2DAY: Healing with God

Come along with Dr. Paula in discovering what our Father God has to say about what we are to do when we are in need of healing. Having experienced multiple health battles, brutal surgeries, and long periods of recovery, Dr. Paula shares how her dependence on God carried her through those times.