MAKE LIFE MATTER: Invite the Miracle In with Brain Tumor Thriver Kim Bohn

Episode #16 – Kim Bohn, brain tumor “thriver” and Founder & Designer of Beaded Miracles, started stringing beads as a form of occupational therapy after having brain surgery to remove a large tumor that was strangling her carotid artery and optical nerves. As Kim bravely shares her story, you’ll be inspired to invite the miracle into your situation

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Awaken to Purpose with Pamela Christian

Episode #34 – Pamela Christian is a powerful voice with her pulse clearly on the heart of God. Her determination and resolute faith through severe financial difficulty and a brush with death through sudden cardiac arrest will inspire you to get unstuck from the impact of adversity and live as an overcomer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Have Courage and Be Kind with Melissa Eadie

Episode 32 – A gifted dancer and singer, Melissa was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and underwent chemotherapy at the tender age of 14, her 5’8” frame disintegrating to 98 pounds. With only a 1% chance of a return, cancer demanded the amputation of her leg at age 19. Now wise beyond her 28 years, she is a sought-after, LA trained make-up artist with a desire is to help others process loss, work through grief and to come out the other side stronger

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Bringing Restoration and Redemption with Sue Willis

Episode – Angela is joined by special guest Sue Willis, whose curriculum, A Time to Heal Beyond Survival, offers an unparalleled international ministry bringing restoration to girls, women, and men surviving abuse. She pioneered the Redemption Home Project in India, a mission to rescue young girls before they are sold into sex trafficking.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Dare to Believe God with Radio Personality Theresa Mills

Episode #17 – We often wonder where God is in the middle of bad situations. Dynamic On-Air Radio Personality, Theresa Mills, can answer that from first-hand experience. Her journey through tragedy and brokenness led her to discover that God has a bigger purpose for our pain. Her steady resilience will inspire you to dare to believe God for your miracle.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hope for a Distracted Culture with Media Executive Kathleen Cooke

Episode 19 – Kathleen Cooke stands at the intersection of marketplace and ministry, focused on redefining and effectively using Christian media strategies in the digital age. She survived a terrorist attack while in London filming a documentary in 2005. That experience, and an encounter that followed, served as a wakeup call for the way she viewed the Bible and lived her life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unborn and Untold True Stories with Author Ruth Coghill

Episode 21 – As a mom of three, Ruth Coghill faced an unexpected pregnancy in her forties. Offered an abortion by her doctor, she chose life, and compiled a collection of the astounding stories of women – and men – impacted by abortion—Unborn and Untold: True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace.