MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unleash the Power of Praise – with Becky Harling

Episode #158 – How do we turn panic into praise? Becky Harling understands what it’s like to feel stuck and what it takes to overcome those obstacles. As a survivor of both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse, praise was the key that unlocked kingdom purpose in her life.

The Mirror of Motherhood

For all women … old and young … married and single … barren and fertile … this should be a day of promise and of purpose!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Uncomplicate Friendship – with Andi Andrew

Episode #156 – Why is friendship at times so complicated? Andi Andrew is here today to help us do away with the drama and create an authentic connection. Andi is the author of She Is Free, Fake or Follower, and her newest book, Friendship–It’s Complicated.


We must get up every single day and choose to keep going. It’s a daily option… how we will race, how we will run, and how we will finish. I want to give you 5 things to keep you going!