The Phoenix is Rising

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The following is a prophetic word received on December 1, 2019. This is what I felt that I heard from the Lord during my daily prayer time. I am releasing these words for others to hear as they offer promise and hope in a time of increasing chaos.

The Phoenix is rising.
Justice is coming.
I hear the prayers and cries of My people.
I am outraged by the work of the enemy and his attempt to steal and destroy this nation.
This will not stand.
The corrupt will fall who make a mockery of My values and My Word.
This is not what Jesus died for.
This is not why this nation was birthed.
I will restore what has been lost and shredded.
I am drawing a sharp contrast from which to choose.
Many will see the light while others will refuse or remain deceived.
Communism knocks on the door from within.
It must be rooted out and removed.
Evil is dressed up as goodness.
Goodness is admonished as evil.
The intellectually honest will know which to choose.
Those led by My spirit will know which to choose, but even they may refuse.
My remnant needs to stand tall and remain strong.
The battles are fierce but the victors will be righteous.
I am confounding and confusing and leading the unwitting into a trap.
Their schemes will be exposed for all to see.


G. Bernard

Featured Image by Noah Grezlak on Unsplash

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