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Worship Spotlight: Grant Me

This song is my hands raised in surrender over that which I cannot change.

God’s Unique Army

It’s time to gather my seasoned warriors! For I have been preparing a unit perfectly seasoned and trained to obey, to respond to my voice.

Warning Dream about the Nation’s Capital

Regardless of how you may feel about this Administration or any future Administration, it is critical that we pray.

God is Resurrecting Your Hope

It’s time to take back your hope. It’s not over till God says it’s over.

He Who Comforts You

I will be strong for you where you are weak and exhausted.

8 Things I Believe the Lord is Doing Right Now

Take heart. No matter how things might appear, all of humanity will bow at the feet of Jesus.

Learning to Trust God after Abuse

You may not be fully ready to trust the people in your life but trusting God is a beautiful place to start.

The Days at Hand- Coming Persecution and the Birthing of the Overcomer

I believe the overcomers are about to come forth, the revealing of the sons of God. The devil as he has repeatedly done throughout the ages when a deliverer was about to come forth, wages war to destroy the seed.

Don’t Bite the Apple of a Religious Spirit

Never point others to yourself or to the perceived problem, but to Jesus Christ.

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