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The Father is Calling

Don’t hide your tears, your Father’s heart breaks when you hurt and longs to see you made whole.

God of Justice God of Peace

So what does it mean to love justice? I think we cannot fully understand this without the knowledge of the Gospel.

Keeping Our Eyes On God During Times of Despair

I was spitting mad at God. I wanted nothing to do with Him anymore. He failed me…He failed my brother… and now how dare He be quiet and aloof to answer me and my questions of why???

A Cold Drink: Stopping for the One

As I drove past the gas station in a nearby small town, I saw a young woman sitting on a parking bumper. She was Black. No sooner had I seen her, than I sensed Holy Spirit directing me to turnaround.

Distracted, Divided, Deceived, and Destroyed

Perhaps He is bringing to the surface all of our thoughts concerning racism, division, resentment, and hatred toward our fellow man.

On the Streets Of Your City

Like a “shot heard around the world,” what begins as a protest of unrest and injustice leads to the greatest outpouring.

We are the Women at the Well

No, the Samaritan woman and the members of her community believed Jesus was the Messiah because he told them WHO THEY WERE!

Learning to Play My Own Song

But something began to happen. The more I tried to play, the more my desire increased to hear the written melody flow smoothly through my fingers.

Breaking Mental Myopia: “Black Lives Matter”

As Christians/Kingdom Citizens we need to separate the absolute truth (and the heart of the Father) that “black lives matter” from the specific organization Black Lives Matter.

Finding Fault: Why We Tend to Blame Victims and Overlook Abusers

We need to maintain a sense of rightness in the world, but we don’t want to continue to turn our backs on victims or give abusers a ticket to continue to hurt people.

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