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Kicking the Dogs From the Door of Your Destiny and Your City

You have to continually discern what is He saying to you now (today). Today’s manna.

For the Love of Chicago

The fire of His Spirit will glow in your city and you will be known as the city of life (no longer strife).

Digging Out Wells

Now is the time to clean out the church well!!  Once again, God, with permission, will do an invasive work in the heart of the church. 

The Idea that Gives You Insomnia

When something in your spirit won’t let you rest, it’s time to ask God what it is He’s trying to tell you!

A Love Letter

Life without Me keeps you in chains. Life in Me truly sets you free to soar.

A Word from the Holy Spirit – It Will Be Madness Until the Election Is Over!

That is what Gods Word gives…. Hope …. and we should be Carriers of Gods’ Word.

Love Has Won

We shall bear the fruit of Christ and let love create a refuge for souls who are weary of war.

The Liberal’s Dream-Filled Balloon

A world with no limits or restraint.

The Sacred Dwelling

All of Me for all of you. This is what I came to do.

The Kindness of a Stranger: Our First Time Back in a Restaurant

After he finished his meal, the man came over and told me, “You sure have your hands full.”

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