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Dear Prophet,

If we are to release a pure, accurate, life-giving Word, we must watch over our heart.

The Lord is Positioning the Remnant for Their “Born For” Season

God in His furious fiery love is in pursuit of these entanglements that have suffocated His beloved’s heart.

The Battle Before the Harvest

There will be a harvest, it will take place on fields previously soaked with blood, sweat, tears, and gun powder.

I Am Not Ok – At Least According to My Emotions

You don’t need to see my highlight reel…and you don’t need to always be looking at everyone else’s either. 

Pioneer-Cross Over-Restore

He is calling and equipping many to be His rescue agents to pull people out of pits, prison houses, and bring restoration to lives, families, and generational bloodlines.

Who is Worthy?

The ONLY difference between them and me is JESUS. 

For the Fire Starters

You have stood your ground…even though the ground feels impossibly dry.

“Women of Wonder Your Wondering Season is Over!”

I see the Glory of the Lord hovering over the women in this hour to cause them to arise and shine like never before.

Prepare for a Massive Upgrade

I am going to reveal My perspective seated high above your circumstance.

Power Usurped

Stand firm – I am not about to desert my people who stand and remain standing.

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