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Come Sit at My Table and Hear about The One 

Come hear about The One who loved me at my worst. 

The Power of Our Praise

I know you are standing in chaos, but it is time to paralyze hell with your radical praise.

Stand, Lead, Occupy!

God is raising you up, to raise up His standards within the earth! Will you step forward and be His voice?

This is When Things Turn Around 

Remember that I can do anything and no purpose of Mine can be withheld.

Spring Has Sprung

Write down the vision and make it plain! Each assignment will be uniquely specific according to my plans and purposes.

How to Build Back Your Confidence in a Post-Pandemic World

Some unhelpful thinking patterns include jumping to conclusions, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophizing, emotional reasoning, or placing undue blame on yourself for things out of your control.

20 Seconds of Courage: How a Simple Yes Lessens Grief

This was all so unexpected. Absolutely awkward. Wildly weird. Kind of, well, crazy.

Shift Down and Gear Up

Fear taints my ability to hear Holy Spirit. If I panic, I’m completely blind and deaf, unable to hear God’s voice.

The Rock of Unconditional Love 

In that moment of complete brokenness, My Lord and Savior reached out, took my hand, pitched the stones, and said. “Get up. I’ll show you who I created you to be.”

Restore the Spark, A Call to Return to First Love 

Before this movement can fully launch I believe the Lord is restoring the spark individually within hearts; between themselves and the Lord and secondly within marital relationships.

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