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The Key to Success

Those that succeed in the kingdom realize that it is bigger than their limited understanding.

From Disillusion to Peace Amidst the War Ahead

My people, the light of Who I Am, will shine … a single light in a very great darkness.

Perfect Place

There is a place for us.

2023: Looking Back and Ahead

Whatever is on your peaceful path for 2023, remember the Lord will raise up a standard against your enemy. Stay the course!

Ready for the Harvest

We’ve been praying for the Harvest when we should have been pleading for the workers!

5783: The Year to Speak 

I always sow where my Spirit will reap the reward, for my name is great and will be seen all throughout the land.

Prophetic Dream: Enter the Matrix

When we are transformed by God’s word, our imagination and reasoning become sanctified, and we can see how God sees.

There is Still Time – I Am Resetting the Clock

The fulfillment of my promise may have been delayed but it will come!

Addict = Evangelist 

His greatest commandment was LOVE. We should focus our efforts on that. 

Freedom from a Murmuring and Complaining Spirit

Even in the worst of situations, I am actively at work within that painful experience to bring good and glory out of it for your sake. 

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