Crossover Season

God is more invested in our process than our promise because it is the process that prepares us for the promise.

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Recently, in a time of prayer, the Lord spoke to me, “This is a crossover season.” If the Lord had given me this word when I was younger, I may have proclaimed it to everyone around me and been convinced it was for every single person. However, I believe this word is for those who are spiritually mature, have been faithful to steward their prophetic words, and have stayed in there with the Lord. This is your season to crossover!

When the children of Israel crossed over into the promised land, not every person or even tribe crossed over. Some chose not to cross over the Jordan and instead settled for where they were. Don’t settle where you are and miss moving forward into the promise. Many times right before God is about to bring you into your promise, you may feel comfortable with the good land or good season you have been in. But don’t be tempted to settle for the good when God wants more for you. 

The promised land is always outside of our comfort zone. There are giants in the promised land and battles that have to be fought. Don’t be intimidated by the challenges or obstacles that may seem as if they are in your way as you pursue the more that God has for you. The giants will fall if you are willing to fight, and the land flowing with milk and honey that God has promised to you is worth it!

Over my many years in ministry, I have seen individuals who love the Lord and have so much potential never reach the fullness of what God has for them because they are “waiting in God.” Waiting on God is active, not passive. And many times, we think we are waiting on the Lord He is actually waiting on us. Whenever God gives you a promise, He will make a way, and He watches over His words to perform them. However, He is not going to drop your promise in your lap while you sit idly by. There is a reason why the Lord said to Joshua before he led the children of Israel into the promised land, “Do not be dismayed everywhere your foot touches will be yours.”  God is more invested in our process than our promise because it is the process that prepares us for the promise. When you fight the giants, learn to overcome, and push past obstacles, you are becoming who He created you to be, and then you will be able to properly steward the promise. 

When God told Joshua to lead the people across the Jordan into the promised land, it was flood season. The water was the highest and this made it the most difficult time to cross. If I were God, I wouldn’t have them cross when it would be the most difficult. However, often the Lord will tell us to do things that make absolutely no sense in the natural. But what He is looking for is obedience. God is looking for those who will move forward with Him in faith and not allow their natural thinking get in the way. 

This is a crossover season so get ready to obtain your promise! Now is the time to make shifts in your mindset and in your disciples to ensure that you are positioned and prepared for all God has for you. Lean in to hear the voice of the Lord in this season and be ready to obey. God will lead and direct you so move forward with confidence and boldness. You will do what God has said you will do. You will conquer and slay giants, you will lead others into promise, and you will prosper in your spirit, soul, and body in this season. It’s time to crossover!


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