Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe is a Kingdom Winds Contributor and a visionary leader who empowers believers to accomplish the call that God has placed inside of them. His heart is to see this nation awakened and for every individual to experience personal revival. God is calling us as believers to a greater depth of intimacy with Him, and Joe's passion is to see that reached.

The Dam Is Breaking

In this season, I believe many will experience the dam that has been holding them back begin to break.

Broke Through

Many have been praying and believing for breakthroughs for so long that they do now understand they’ve already broken through.

Gates Doors Windows

God is going to make a way where there seems to be no way.

Prophetic Influencer

God is looking for those that will use whatever platform He gives to them to advance the Kingdom of God and preach the gospel.

Insight and Clarity

There are secrets of Heaven that we each need to access in order for the Kingdom to be revealed in and through our lives.

Be the One

Be the one who is molded and shaped by the presence of God.

Bold Moves

This is a day and an hour in which the Lord is asking many to crush their comfort zones, crush complacency and make some big, bold moves.

Keep It Simple

Don’t let any teaching or theology into your life that will lead you away from the simple truths in the Bible.

Do You Know God?

When you know God intimately you will walk in His authority.

Greater Is Coming

A greater understanding of the love of God will lead us into a greater expectation for what God will do in and through our lives!

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