Are You Facing the Impossible?

The Lord quickly told us, “I am the God of the impossible so watch what I will do.”

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I have truly seen in my life impossibilities become realities! So today, whatever has become impossible in your life or in what you are believing for, do not lose hope! God seems to show up when all-natural hope for an answer has run out.

Remember Lazarus- His sisters and friends had no hope, he was dead, in the grave, and Jesus was too late. The devastation had set in and grief was heavy upon them, but then— for the glory of God to be revealed— Lazarus was called forth from the grave. The Lord showed up and raised him up.

Remember Jairus’ daughter? While Jesus was still on his way she died. Her mother, her family, and friends in shock and wailing in deep grief because she was gone. It was too late. But— for the glory of the Lord Jesus showed up when all natural hope was gone and called her forth “from her sleep” and this little girl rose up.

Remember Jesus and the cross— his mother, brothers, disciples, and followers devastated, confused, in absolute defeat and despair. Trauma and anguish battered their souls. Their Messiah, son, brother, and teacher had been beaten beyond recognition, stripped naked, and then crucified as a blasphemer. He was then put in a grave and the stone rolled in front of the opening. There was no natural hope left— He was gone and their hope was crushed. But— but He had said,

The Romans did and in three days HE ROSE! Death was defeated and the impossible became a reality that no on expected or could have predicted (even though He had told them).

Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

Impossible isn’t improbable— it is impossible. It means that there is no path left in sight, no hope left for the power or strength of man to change things, nothing to be done! All natural remedies have been exhausted.

Whatever you are facing that has impossible as it’s current state— don’t forget that our God often waits for the moment when no man can receive the glory for what is about to happen but God will be glorified and all praise and honor given to Him alone.

When my husband and I were not able to conceive a baby after years of trying and medical treatments had failed we were given a miraculous opportunity to adopt a baby girl. What began as a Christmas miracle turned into a nightmare right after the new year had begun. We were told these words by a judge,

If you were the last people on earth, we stilll would not adopt this baby to you. You do not even have a prayer— give up!”

The judge over her case has deemed the adoption IMPOSSIBLE. But, the Lord quickly told us, “I am the God of the impossible so watch what I will do.”

Over the next seven months we watched God overturn the decisions of social workers, courts and judges until we held her In our arms. And when we did— I was pregnant! Double miracles.

We don’t always see these miracles but when we do they change our lives forever. I have seen them and I was forever changed. In God we trust is the final word and our forever posture. He is able to do whatever He wills no matter how impossible it is.

Even if you have lost hope in any natural process or situation to bring resolution to what you are facing— God is more powerful than the strength and power that man has to accomplish anything. Put your hope in Him and say like Mary,

Be it unto me according to Your will.”


This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Inscribe Ministries

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